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11/11/2023 c10 Hazard 157
LOL... I love 'The Patty Duke Show' reference. Great story.
10/21/2023 c2 fundoogal
hello. I don't have any clue about which crossover is used here with HP, but so far I am loving the story.
9/9/2023 c2 Guest
Dak Galbi
7/21/2023 c1 averageschmoe
Beautiful crossover. Love returning to it. Oh, and for those lesser, or Remo might visit ya, champ.
7/19/2023 c10 Keronshara
My sister (who is unfortunately white like me & the rest of her family) would agree with you that Koreans are the best - have the best people, language, culture, and food (Americanized versions of Korean food just makes her sad). She was counting down the days until she would be stationed in Korea again so that she could have REAL kimchi and other wonderful foods that she hasn't been able to get (except sad imitations) in the United States or anywhere in Europe. I, of course, have no understanding of why Korea is superior.

I enjoyed this story, though I am unfamiliar with the source material for the comics(?) this story was crossed-over with. I can definitely appreciated how even an under-powered apprentice of Sinanju would find Voldemort & his Death Eaters pathetically easy. Honestly, Voldemort getting constantly beat by an unmotivated, untrained, Muggle-raised, Hogwarts student who is still a child doesn't say much for the bad guys' competency levels, let alone the wizarding world that cowers in fear of them, so any magical/mundane heroes, warriors, assassins, or slightly competent fighter would find the magic users of Harry Potter's universe pathetically easy to deal with.
6/25/2023 c10 Lord Touch Me
Harry x Millie... LOL :D
6/25/2023 c10 HalfBlood Prince
This story has been a complete legendary work of art that I will definitely re-read one day and recommend it to anyone interested in an AU story, although I think I could see a sequel to Harry rising to the level of his master or an epilogue. :D
6/21/2023 c10 1Darknessdawns
No matter how many times I read this I just can't get over how amusing the whole piece is. It's rather upbeat considering it's about Harry being an assassin and you don't skimp on the violence. I'm honestly rather sad there isn't more of the story. I'm very curious about Harry's future as a Sinanju, whether he ever finds love, and if Chiun ever gets that magical grandson to carry on the line. Please let me know if you ever do a sequel. I know I would absolutely love to read one.
6/14/2023 c6 maiqsmail
Wow, so the Fleur is in there still? Appreciate portraying Millie here like that, that's some body positivity we need.
6/14/2023 c3 maiqsmail
In chapter 1 the fee was 200 000 galleons, here the fee is merely 5 000 galleons. Why this huge difference? We even had 15 years of inflation too!
I understand the buying power of magical galleons is completely screwed in any fanfic and even in canon as well, still, let's at least try to keep it consistent while inside one fanfic, non?
6/14/2023 c1 maiqsmail
Seems cheesy so far, some ninja trained anime protagonist isekai'ed to magical Britain. This reeks of Naruto and I've never even watched the thing. That being said, however, it's an interesting take on things. I'll give it a try.
6/9/2023 c3 Time313
I'm not sure how many times I've read this story.
6/9/2023 c10 brunassy
reading this again. love it as usual. thank you
4/28/2023 c1 acowles02
Classic Asian dad
4/28/2023 c1 ARedHair
Just enjoying rereading this again.
It's a nice bit of variety vs more canon versions of Harry.
Also nice to have a new way to kill Voldemort that fits.
It's arbitrary, but fits so well it doesn't feel 'deus ex machina'.
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