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9/15/2021 c1 3The Last Centurion 1
nice story
9/15/2021 c1 The Last Centurion 1
liked it
2/10/2021 c27 AnC1999
4/7/2020 c27 MaidensTouchOfMadness
That was brutal. An intense battle of wills... Scary but awesome! Please write more!
4/18/2019 c9 5Nonyaarb
10/23/2018 c1 Drayne3
Err, an ice queen who screams a lot and very quick to show emotions on her face and speaks without thinking? They... contradict each other, don't you think? Sorry, just saying. From what I read, Harry's more Slytherin than her. She's what I'd call a purebred brash Gryffindor.
7/19/2018 c27 haruhishibuya
please update some more chapters because this story is so intriguing
4/21/2018 c2 Lilybud
Her description kinda reminds me of Laura Marano
9/19/2017 c27 AntitheticalElysium
7/19/2017 c27 Guest
One of the best unfinished fanfics out there, you probably don't even read these anymore this story had a great chance of being among the top HP fanfics before it was abandoned
6/14/2017 c27 Cascaa
Dude, are you serious ? How could you stop this story there ? I mean, if u had stopped it after chapter 20, I would have said to my self 'too bad, it was nice' but since chapter 21 I have been frantically reading this fic, not able to concentrate on anything else, not accepting that I couldn't read faster... and then it stopped... I read the Art of Hidden Personas and I was curious about your other works since I really really liked it, but oh my god from chapter 21 to chapter 27 is just god damn brillant. Since you last updated in 2009, there is a (very) high possibility that you just don't want to continue this, that you don't have the proper mindset to get back to the tone of this fic but really, what you wrote was awesome and I will keep looking if ever you choose to continue this.
11/22/2016 c23 Takinginspiration
Why...Why...Why did you do this?
Why did you abandon this story?
You have no idea how sad I am right now.
If you read this then please update...
3/20/2016 c27 trynmailme
It's really good...when will it get updated
3/12/2016 c27 Nnnnnnh
Complete it
1/31/2016 c4 Gunriel
This story is awful...
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