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12/24/2010 c72 7Golden-Black Dragon
"and you're going to keep us here against our will?"- That's what being captured generally entails.

So, Jack's going to try and save Dan.

Oh poor Widmore. He didn't seem all that bothered by Daniel's death.

Dragan got a good and healthy blast of electro-magnetic energy.

"no, but we were meant to know eachother."- So is FST Brad FST Dragan's spirit guide?

"we were meant to help each other out but then... I died."- Does Brad already remember everything that happened on the Island?

"I wasn't driving, 'a... friend' was driving. I think he's a tad bit crazy."- Wouldn't someone who deliberately drives into another lane be crazy?

"I didn't try and kill you. I was trying to show you something."- Wasn't that what FST Charlie said to Desmond?

Dan's alive! Hooray!

Is Dragan still blind?

Out of curiousity, are Johnny and Ivy still alive in the Original Timeline?
9/11/2010 c71 5xTheDoctorsCompanion

and on another note, which is off topic, HAVE FUN IN JAPAN!

I wish I could go, but I just started up School for the year...

So, have a great two weeks, and we'll be waiting for a new chapter when you get back.
9/11/2010 c71 AmberLovesLOST
Yay happy anniversary! Glad to see another chapter up, and I will be here until the end... :) Still loving this story! Thanks for still having Amber in there too!
9/10/2010 c71 38Olivia Dunham
Sorry I haven't reviewed! I've been sick as hell, and just had my wisdom teeth out. I've loved both this chapter and the previous, and I hope Dan and Stacey don't die! Unless they really, really, really have to. Loved it still though. Happy 2-year anniversary! And have fun in Japan - I hear it's lovely!
9/4/2010 c70 AmberLovesLOST
Glad to see another chapter up! Wow 2 years that's crazy. So happy you're still writing and I hope next chapter comes out in one week instead of four :)
7/13/2010 c69 AlexaGeorge
Oh wow. This chapter was pretty powerful. The whole Megan/Ben thing was really sweet. And it's nice that most of the people were reunited. And I can't believe Sophie killed somebody! Haha, when I wrote this character, I had no idea the kinds of things she would do. I can't wait to see what kinds of things she'll do by the end. You pretty much brought her to life, as well as all of the other characters. I just have to say, you are definitely one of the BEST and most dedicated writers I have EVER seen on this sight. I might have told you that before, but it's so true, so I have to say it again.

Also, I was wondering, what program do you use to make the artwork you put on your blog? They're amazing!
7/11/2010 c69 Dance in the Moonlight
Blah, no time to leave a proper review, but let me say I loved this chapter!

I so badly want to know what the relationship between Fay/MIB/Jacob is. Well, it seems to be more between her and MIB but they have to be linked somehow... and she has a replacement too... very interesting. Can't wait to find out more!
7/10/2010 c69 Olivia Dunham
Loved it as always!
6/28/2010 c68 7Golden-Black Dragon
Well, it seems like a really interesting, Calypso already got a flashback chapter of sorts. Madison Wade seems quite interesting. Maybe have "Origins" as a "Missing Pieces" type thing. Please update soon
6/28/2010 c68 alexa george
I love this idea! getting to see the history of minor characters would be awesome! i'll send you a list later on about the characters i would like to know more about. also, i think it'd probably be better as a stand alone story. :) hope to see it soon! also amazing job on the latest chapters of all three of your stories!
6/28/2010 c68 38Olivia Dunham
Ooh, this is an awesome idea! I love it. Personally, I'd love to see Megan or Amelia put into it. I know you already had Megan's backstory told, but I think she's interesting. I can give you detailed backgrounds on both of them if you needed. I think the ones you already have listed are good ones too! And I think it would be good as a second story - maybe as a companion or something to SITMON.
6/10/2010 c67 5xTheDoctorsCompanion
Hi! A Review! :D

You obviously know I regularly visit the site you set up, because I love it so much! I'm also excited for the next update. :)
5/29/2010 c67 7Golden-Black Dragon
Wow, Johnny's flashbacks were cool. I guess he now knows that there's no way that he'll ever be reunited with his best friend Brad. And Fay's the White Smoke Monster? Also, Brad's line in the FST was quite funny. So how are him(Brad) and Claire gonna meet up?
5/29/2010 c67 38Olivia Dunham
Awesome chapter XD I was glad to see you updated too! How did you like the finale? It's going to be sad that it's not on anymore, but thankfully we have these fics!
4/26/2010 c65 27Dance in the Moonlight
Ahaha, awesome chapter! I loved seeing Vinny and Mutt back. And Mutt gets jealous, who knew? ;)

More AWESOMELY CREEPY lines from Fay, I am impressed.

I voted! =D

Ten deaths? Eek. *gets tissue box ready*


O...M...G. I got a shout out? Yayayay, Elyad, you rock! I feel so special now. Woot woot!

Update soon please... the macabre streak inside me is dying (excuse the pun) to see who bites the dust...
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