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11/9/2008 c4 Benji McGorry
looking forward to the next chapter ^^
11/9/2008 c4 1Bobboky
11/9/2008 c4 Sweet-n-Sour-Vixen
I really like your story its different from anything i have read. keep up the good work i can't wait for the next chapter.
11/9/2008 c4 7DragonBlade00
This is a good story, but you need to slow it down and take time to check your spelling.
9/28/2008 c3 16Kitsune-242
Update now damn it.
9/18/2008 c3 vash3055
9/18/2008 c3 Wirespeed91
I like this story, though the continual misspelling of "Tayuya" gets on my nerves, THANK YOU for spelling it right in at the end. At least now i know that you aren't completely dumb _ lol :P

anyway, good job and update soon
9/18/2008 c2 8soundless steps
Okay, you forgot how to put in Sasuke in the discriptions and her name is spelled Tayuya. I don't care when a random word is mis-spelled but don't mis-spell characters.
9/18/2008 c3 4Kyuubi123
Nice chapter. Maybe a little rushed but i do understand the need to update. I believe that the pairing should be naruto/ hinata simple because they have the most interaction, they have a bond that can be easily used for plot development and because, in my opinon, they are the best pairing out there. This is only a suggestion but what if you had hinata go with someone else for a while until both naruto and hinata realize that the one they truly love is the one who was always with them. Sappy i know but it would open up a lot of possibilities as a writer. I don't believe they should instantly fall in love as that isn't realistic love should build like a growing fire, not explode light an inferno because that which burns the brightest burns the quickest. But i digress, i can't wait until the next one and you expand upon hinata's reaction to her first kill. Keep up the good work.
9/18/2008 c2 8RasenganFin



Ino Yamanaka

Chouji Akamichi


A little work on the spelling and it's good.
9/18/2008 c2 vash3055
great please continue
9/16/2008 c2 3NaruHina Love birds
Keep on writing
9/15/2008 c2 PsyCHo
Nice story. Too bad you do many spelling mistakes. Looking forward for next chapters.
9/14/2008 c2 4Kyuubi123
Very good story! I was instantly grabbed by the unique plot and the character development. I normally dont like oc's but i find myself intrigued by tyuya. I believe that you made the correct choice in stopping now. Just as men love lingure YOU GOT TO LEAVE SOMETHING TO THE IMAGINATION! I truly enjoy reading this story and beg you not to quit. If people don't appreciate this story than sucks for them. Keep up the good work your a good writer!
9/14/2008 c2 3piratequeen11
I wonder where naruto came from...

LOL! I couldn't help but get a kick out of when you said that you spent most of your time coming up with names for sasuke! XD
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