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12/31/2016 c20 14Phoenix Soar
I started reading this fic forever and a half ago. I remember getting hooked when Haunted was first posted and how excited I was to discover it would be continued in Obsession.

I was pulled away from this fic, and FFN entirely, a few years ago over IRL reasons, but I gotta admit, the plot of this fic has always stayed with me even though I wasn't able to keep up with the updates. Coming back to Obsession after years felt amazing. I started from the beginning and got caught up in this exhilarating ride all over again

This is truly one of the best fics - series, even - in this fandom. I love how gritty and unapologetic it was, and I was swept up in the mythology of your world-building.
Gosh Murtagh was frustrating, I could empathise with Thorn so much. But I think you did an amazing job at keeping Murtagh consistent while showing his character development, which I was honestly glad to see wasn't rushed.

I felt for Eragon, the things he had to go through. And though EraMur is my one and only ship in the Inheritance series, I'm honestly relieved you didn't over-romanticise how unhealthy Murtagh's obsession with Eragon was, and that Eragon did not fall for him. As a longstanding fan of your works, I've always had faith in your writing and I like how you dealt with the uncomfortable non-consensual nature of their scant "relationship".

While Saphira and Thorn's underlying barely-there-wish that their riders could be mates in a mutual relationship was understandable, it would've been far too unrealistic for Eragon to fall easily for Murtagh after their history. In that regard, this fic's ending was perfect with Murtagh's slow but steady improvement of character and Eragon's shift in his regards for Murtagh in that respect.

That said, I'm really hyped to see that you have a sequel in the works. Though it's been a few years, I'd still keep an eye out for Stalked, because Obsession ended with a nice amount of potential for how Murtagh and Eragon could learn to be friends, or even something more (though that could be a long time in the coming).

This review is already so long, but let me just mention my never-ending love for your side characters. I love Brom in this, your Saphira and Thorn are always so endearing, Vanir is more or less my spirit animal and I reiterate that Aksel is still one of two OC's I've ever actually loved. I'm always ecstatic to see Aksel making an appearance in your fics.

In time, I'll visit other fics of yours that I've missed All the best, SK!
9/10/2015 c6 Guest
How many months in is Eragon by now?
9/10/2015 c10 41sierra.steinbrecher
I like how Murtag's slowly warming to the idea, but I would love for the sight of his kid to be what changes his mind completely.
6/8/2015 c20 3green-eyed-mischief
Ooooohh, good thing I found this story here! I stumbled upon it first at Ao3 and I couldn't say I wasn't intrigued. So I just went ahead and read it even though I noticed its incomplete state. Good thing I read the comments on the 6th chapter. Now I could "squeeee" all I want! XD
So yeah, thank you for the wonderful story!
8/5/2014 c20 Jasper-Stuff
Hey, I hope you're still working on Stalked! I can't wait for it
2/24/2014 c20 Ivan
So... The third installment to this story IS being written right? I'm sorry, I just noticed its been a while since it was updated and I barely started reading and well I got really into it. Thank you. I really enjoyed reading this.
1/12/2014 c20 3MorbidApocalypse
I love this. I really do. I can not wait for the next one.
1/3/2014 c20 Aoki5
Screw the vampire-love story and keep the dragon romance :D
I'm soo gonna ship human Thorn and Saphira now, they're just so cute togheter
1/1/2014 c2 Guest
Uhh... Abortion, anyone?
12/15/2013 c20 maedeh
it was really nice
12/8/2013 c20 4mensuramjr
Oh my god, thank goodness!
I found this on Ao3 and I thought it was an abandoned fic!
You are continueing this, yes?
I would like to draw some fan art, (you can search for my art under the same name on either tumblr or deviant art, there are more stuff on tumblr as I don't post nsfw on my DA) could you tell me what were your fav scenes in this? I just really want to draw Ren but I don't know which scenes to choose from. :)
Happy writing.
10/27/2013 c20 Phantasium
Finally got to read the end of this, omg I fangirl-ed like crazy when I saw my shout out, THANK YOU FOR THAT :D
And I really liked how it ended, was perfect :D I love how you see the changes in Eragon and Murtagh's relationship over time, I really enjoyed this fic, THANK YOU FOR WRITING!
10/2/2013 c20 6Viviane Renard
Thanks for finishing this story. It's a solid read, but it's just missing something for me... The best I can describe it is that this story reads like a well-written teen romance. The character archetypes, the solid but predictable plot, and the very straight forward writing style all make for an enjoyable story...but it didn't hook me in. The only things I can think of to get that "wow factor" would be if your writing style matured with more detail, and you had more dynamic characters or a plot twist that was a surprise.

But please feel free to take or leave my advice (poor and ambiguous as it is). You're a solid writer right now, but I'd really like to see even more from you in the future.
9/25/2013 c20 10Ninja of Thunder
I was so excited when I saw you updated and I was not disappointed. The ending was perfect for the story so far and I can't wait until Stalked! I'm eager to see how your writing will change in that one and I'm sure it will be even more amazing than this style :)
9/25/2013 c20 6chop4tess
I'm so glad you decided to post this chapter; I was desperate to know what happened to Murtagh.

Poor Eragon and Murtagh, they really got their asses kicked didn't they? Ren seems to be the only one to have escaped injury. It’s good to see that they are both healing though. I admit, there was a fan-girl squeal when Eragon went to check on Murtagh. It was just so sweet and caring I couldn't help it! I can't wait to meet Garrow and Roran and I did wonder if they knew about Ren as they were mentioned in previous chapters but there was never any interaction with them. I have no idea why but I assumed the sequel would be set a few years into the future but with Garrow and Roran's visit happening in July and this chapter being set in June...then the first chapter of Stalked must happen pretty soon where Obsession left of right?

I wished Murtagh could have given in to his desire to stay with Eragon and look after their son but I think such an action is still too soon. Murtagh needs some time alone to come to terms with his new mated life. But, as the saying goes: absence makes the heart grow fonder!

I realise in this chapter that I got my timeline a little off in the last chapter. I didn't think that Thorn and Saphira went after Murtagh until Eragon woke up, but after reading this they must have left pretty soon after Murtagh did. I liked the idea that a hydra felt 'in their element' when flying. It made sense although I hadn’t thought of it before. I'm so happy that Thorn and Saphira are getting together and that it was Murtagh who pushed Thorn into it just makes everything better. Who knew that Murtagh was a match-maker in disguise?

The vampire council rears its ugly head once more. Hopefully the fact that Thorn actually killed Durza not Murtagh will work in Murtagh's favour. It would be a shame for Murtagh to survive all that only to get done-in by the council.

I can't wait to read the first chapter of Stalked and see how Eragon and Murtagh's lives intertwine. Obsession has been, by far, my favourite Inheritance Cycle fan fiction and Murtagh x Eragon story. I am sorry to see it end but excited for what the sequel will bring. My writing style has changed over the years as well but I’m sure Stalked will be every bit as good, if not better, than Obsession.

P.S I totally knew Dr Carn was mated to a vampire and he is so the guy Brom wanted Eragon to talk to about being mated to a vampire! I hope he makes another appearance in the sequel.
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