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2h c1 c4kwhite
I've read so many wonderful stories about Dean and Sam...hurt/comfort probably being my favorite if I had to pick, but this is the best! You did everything right in how you revealed this story from their fight on the top of the cliff to the details you provide of what happens to each of them afterwards, especially Dean who's my favorite (but I love Sammy too.) I don't hate Sammy. Dean would have done the same thing to keep Sam from giving up. They are both young in this story, especially Sam at 17. I'm a mom of two girls and a boy, and my son just took a little longer to mature, however, he did mature in certain areas faster than my daughters.

You're a very talented writer. I taught high school English for years and then U.S. and world history. I eventually moved to LA where I wrote TV scripts and was a producer (before Supernatural) and then stopped to raise my family. I'm actually writing a pilot/series again since my last kid is finishing college in a couple of years.

All that said to let you know I've read hundreds of stories as well as scripts in my time, and I can "see" this story as I read it. Of course, inner dialogue is difficult to show on T.V., but it can be and is done by talented scriptwriters. Thank you for your hard work because writing anything, especially this well, is HARD WORK and thanks for sharing it with us. I look forward to reading your other stories and any new ones you write. I hope talented storytellers, like you, will continue to write about the lives of Dean and Sam even though the show is officially over, for now. And...I love Walker and hope to be able to enjoy Jensen's character in The Boys!
5/23 c10 1Mack-S-01
I hate Sam more than I ever did before now. Thanks for that. (But really, this was amazing!)
11/14/2018 c10 1Fisher Chevelle
Still love this story after multiple readings! Thanks!
11/7/2018 c10 Guest
Boring pathetic ending to this story
11/7/2018 c6 Guest
Ugh boring if sams worse then dean in the end i will truly give up in this fandom especially through this site clearly vwrt much a sam focused fans on this
11/7/2018 c2 Guest
So sick of supernatural fanfics always seemingly having sam worst off its predictable hope dean is worse of for once
11/1/2018 c1 Shimmr
what an awesome story. I would love to learn more about paster Jim's abilities of seeing the dead. I just love the idea
3/15/2018 c1 9intjsherlocked
I THINK THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING FIRST CHAPTER I HAVE EVER READ! You are such a good writer omg I can't wait to finish this!
11/24/2017 c10 Guest
awesome. i'm glad I found this when it was finished.
thnx for sharing
9/29/2017 c10 me
That's it? It's awesome but the story will be much more great if you create an epilogue. The story is a real 'cliffhanger'.
7/25/2017 c10 Deano.winchster
Dont know what to say that was amazin it was full of emotion scenes that i loved lot...thanx thanx thanx please keep writhing your the BEST merisha!
5/29/2017 c10 Guest
Wow, a real cliff hanger in every sense. Feel so bad for poor Dean. Feel kind of angry with Sam, but what else could he have said? Thanks Sasha £££
2/11/2017 c10 Kate
I didn't even watch the show and I was almost in tears. This story is increadible! Well done!
1/31/2017 c10 4sunshine102897
second time of reading...I love this story so freaking much.
1/3/2017 c3 SmileyEmojii
I just saw the new ruby comment on ch.3 and I was like damn this new ruby is now married to Jared and they have 3 kids
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