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for Then I Understood

9/25/2016 c1 BloodyDireWolf
A fanfiction better than the book itself
4/30/2014 c1 emptyanddead
Hmmm...I loved your writing and the way you portrayed them. Personally I hate Bella (most of the time...), but I read this because I knew you're just too good of a writer to miss the one-shot. I'm glad I read it because it was beautifully written...but I still hate Bella (no offense). T.T I ca't explain it, but I really hate the pairing...I'm usually fine with Edward by himself though...
4/19/2014 c1 8Evarisa Noble
Never thought of this kind of point of view of the Edward/Bella relationship but i have to say I love it. To have an imprintee see and describle a similar relation of another couple was bloody brilliant; it allowed you to show the readers, us, an understanding that we don't get in many FanFic's or even the books themselves. Even as a one shot chapter, I kind of felt enlightened after reading it, it gave me a completely new perspective on the Edward/Bella pairing and that's hard to do since I'm not a fan of it at all.
Then the description, especially of seeing Edward for the first time. I L.O.V.E.D it. It was serious and real and everything most miss when describing a vampire, a dangerous creature. The change, even if slight of how a detail in his eyes changed was enough to make Emily understand, was very well written.
All in all, (claps) big well done for the creativity and writing skills, thank you :)
E Xoxo
11/17/2012 c1 Nedward
That was good.
11/1/2011 c1 peps281
So good! It's simple but it makes complete sense. I always felt sorry for Jacob in a way in the books - he never seemed to understand the love between B & E.
4/19/2011 c1 Lovededwardsince1901
hi! :) I just wanted to say that this is how I pictured Bella and Edward's relationship to look like from an outsider's perspective! :) You are brilliant and you should keep writing. I feel like part of me was taken by you and put into writing, let me tell you that I dont mind one bit! :) Thank you! :)
1/23/2011 c1 2chorusgurl76
This is amazing. I loved it. Simple enough to say. :) Great work once again!
9/5/2010 c1 Biologs07
Awesome story! I felt bad for Jake through all the books because I can see why he thought that Bella would love him more than Edward but he really would have been better off if he accepted the fact that Bella won't leave Edward and he won't leave her again. Anyway, I loved this story a lot!
9/1/2010 c1 1wackynicolecsu
love Emily's pnt of view! Nice job
8/27/2010 c1 2good4you
Hey great story, but are you going to update unwanted attractions that has to be my all time fav and your best story. Please update that one soon I have been waiting forever
8/25/2010 c1 Pao R
I love the way you explain emily's point of view, is almost the same way stephanie meyer would do it! you definitely have the talent!
8/24/2010 c1 11Sweetie7smiled
Good story. Thank you!
8/24/2010 c1 1bundleb
8/23/2010 c1 120chibijem
Bravo! Very well written...loved it!
8/23/2010 c1 kjs
that was an amazing story

you are a very good writer,

i enjoyed every second of it

absolutely great, just wow

the way you protrayed the love between edward and bella and how emily saw their love and how wise she was, was amazing!

wonderful job, loved it. =)
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