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for Forgotten Love

6/22/2010 c3 xXMishaXx
I like the plot! Update soon!
8/10/2009 c3 12Ally-Cat2013
please update soon!
5/6/2009 c3 4EnnaBurning
o creepy
12/30/2008 c3 1Mikalovesbutts
i like it

write more
10/10/2008 c3 7PeruvianChick
Wow! That was a long chappie! And it was awesome!

I can't wait to know what happens . . . is there gonna be Niggy?

Lol, Max has amnesia and all I can think about is Niggy.
10/9/2008 c3 TWD
more more more more more more more
9/22/2008 c1 PeruvianChick
Short chappie, I hope you update soon. I want to know what happens.
9/17/2008 c1 3silentwings3495
that was short but right to the point. lovely. anyway, hurry wiht the next chapter.
9/17/2008 c1 valroxursox123
its too short but it sounds like a good idea you have

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