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10/29/2008 c4 12Souless666
very nice chapter.

I really can't wait to see where this story goes, it is so intriguing.
10/29/2008 c4 96TheVampireLucinda
I'm loving this story so much...Heh, that's one hell of a family to get transported to Ancient Sparta. XD I have no doubt in my mind that every single one of them could hold their own, even the little ones. *laughs*

I can't wait for the next chapter!

10/11/2008 c3 TheVampireLucinda
I love this so much...You guys (gals, lol) are now my heroes... Serious, this is great. I love your portrayal of the gods, and of course our dear Kane, and Sara too. She's so cool. I could totally see her taking on, like 6 guys and beating the shit out of them. XD

Ahh...the Classics major in me sings with joy, lol! I can't wait for the next chapter!

10/11/2008 c3 12Souless666
Hey, don;t you two worry about reviews, they will come. This story is to good to be ignored for long.

A master piece!
10/6/2008 c2 96TheVampireLucinda
*tries to breathe* Oh my God...I cannot tell you how much I love this...I'm a Classics Major (and philosophy too, lol), and I LOVE THIS! Seriously...I never thought to combine my favorite wrestlers AND Ancient Sparta... Oh yes...

10/6/2008 c2 12Souless666
Don't you two dare stop writing this.

This chapter was great. I'm really interested in Bion and Nikias. How they end up relating to Mark and Glen.

I'm also interested in how the god that sent them thinks they can have any effect on what's going on. unless there is more change to them then just local. LOL

This is definatly a great story and differnet then the avarage you see.

It is a shame that Sara is in it though. LMAO
9/19/2008 c1 Souless666

Oh wow this is great! (It's a knwon fact I'm not a sara fan, but I get the feeling I'll still love this story, even if shes in it. LOL)

So DK's keeping herself busy in more stories then just Sail Away. How do you writers do this? I'm impressed.

Great start and you have me hooked.

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