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7/31/2018 c4 Guest
7/7/2015 c4 katy
omg I really liked it you should make a different one about starfire and robin :D
11/22/2012 c3 Unkown Stranger
Not loving it, so I stopped reading at chapter 2, I will check out your other stories though !
4/15/2012 c4 4raeofshimmeringsunshine
Hmm...how do I phrasw this? I really liked the story, but I felt that the end had yet to be discovered...
3/17/2012 c4 58SnowyFlame
Super cool and romantic with lot of drama!
3/1/2012 c3 1cat-marauder
10/2/2010 c4 crazy nerd
Good ending. Its better that robin and rae broke up that way she isn't torturing him anymore
9/26/2010 c4 2Saint of the Sinners
7/9/2010 c4 37BatFlashAquaven11
yay(: took u long enough! :D
7/8/2010 c4 Ur friend
I 3 this chapter~! Muahahaha, pls write more :) Hehe Aqualad + Raven, nice one ;D
8/11/2009 c3 4Keily Bee
You're moving to quick hun! I llike this it's real cute, cant wait for an update, I just wish there were more...IDK. UPDATE!
7/27/2009 c3 3the-writing-vampire
Ok, you have a story here that has caught my attention. The only problem is that you are getting close to a year of not updating and I'm a reader that tends to assume that that means you are dropping the story. As much as I wish to subscribe to you story and find out how it gets to Robin and Raven breaking up, the overly long wait for the next chapter is leading me to belive otherwise.
12/21/2008 c3 8IsabellaRoth
this was a very good chapter please dont forget to includ emore romantic parts ..the story is brilliant..please udpate soon..try to do it before christmas!please!


Dont forget...a lemon!

Please accept anonymous reviews!

12/16/2008 c3 3RaeRob
Love it update soon
11/27/2008 c2 6lovingo0Kawaii0oGirl
PLEASE continue!
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