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3/29/2010 c51 1Deleted53926
12/24/2009 c28 Old1Account
really great story!
7/15/2009 c51 11You-won't-see-an-iguana-here
o! i might have to add you on aim, cuz i don't really use twitter.
7/11/2009 c3 4Mallory Monroe
good so far. I wish the chapters were longer!
7/11/2009 c2 Mallory Monroe
Aw, poor Renee and Bella. Good set up, even though it's short.
7/11/2009 c1 Mallory Monroe
You were right to disclose in your summary that your chapters are short! Lol. that's the shortest prologue I've ever seen. I'm off to check out the next chapter though.
7/11/2009 c51 15horsejumper127
Ah! Twitter is stupid, its saying there's no one with that name! Im trying to follow you but it's not working :/
7/10/2009 c51 HoneyIWentThereAndBack
ahh cliff hanger!lol! its really good and not to corny! i loved it when emmett got banned from mini golf that was really funny! im gonna read the sequel. x
7/10/2009 c10 1horsegirl1423
this is really cute
6/19/2009 c50 Fluoradical
love it and its alot like one i already read and i think it is phil that would b just like the other one
6/11/2009 c50 4GetDrunkOnVictory
I like it when they have different families in AH, but it's your story so whatever would be more comfortable for you to write. :)
6/6/2009 c48 mom4ver2004
omg can you say cliffhanger! awesome i love it!
6/6/2009 c50 6KF-TheBibliothecary
hmm i think other fams cuz i always like the dating circle of siblings as i call it lols but ultimatly its up to u im sure il love the story no matter wat! BYE!
6/6/2009 c46 KF-TheBibliothecary
HOLD UP it sounds like shes prego how can that be! u would have told us if edward and bella did right cuz im sad if u didnt...ok im gonna read to find out!BYE!
6/6/2009 c41 KF-TheBibliothecary
OMFG i know wat u mean about some girls in the locker rooms -shivers violently- i mean wat are u going to go and do some guy in a car...hm thats prolly wat they do -shivers even more violently- ah on my own is comming on again.dont cry dont cry -sniff- im good ok im gonna keep reading! BYE!
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