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11/2/2020 c78 misty.coffee
Oh my. I wish I could tell you what these stories in this saga mean to me. I have never left a review here, but I have read and reread this serious multiple times in the past year and a half. This is Gilmore girls to me. The details, the characterization — I seriously think about how well you develop these characters in random moments of my everyday life. I think Luke’s development is especially spot-on. Their voices are just so clear. This story just breaks and warms my heart. It gives me hope and scares the hell out of me. Can it be this good? Will it be this good? The middle, the whole package? It had better be. Because the bond between Luke and Lorelai — that undeniable togetherness and deep trust, friendship, and love that they have — is so palpable and so aching. That’s what we all want, or at least I do. The cozy moments of reading Winnie the Pooh to freshly bathed babies in jammies, the cozy nights on the couch, the dirty stuff, the rhythms of getting the kids back to school...it’s just so vivid, so real, and so lovely to read. I am almost unhealthily attached to this world you created — I want it to go on and on forever, I want to jump in it, I want to be on the receiving end of that sexy stuff from Luke, those sweet baby kisses, and the gritty, stunning teamwork it takes to have your middle. I know this is late, but thank you for this story. It means more to me than I can say. All my love!
3/6/2020 c78 MM1968
Just finished reading this amazing journey again and I look forward to restarting it in the future..
12/27/2019 c78 14Dimac99
Another really enjoyable fic. I really love those kids and Steve is a great OC - Luke definitely needed a man friend who wasn't Kirk or Jackson or Jess or Richard. Someone normal that he wasn't related to! I can't believe what you did to Sookie, that really cracked me up. Those naughty books have a lot to answer for! And Rory's baby name was just perfect.
10/7/2019 c78 1MojoWaters
Gah. I think I’ve read this entire series at least 4-5 times over the last several years. I’m always so sad when I finish. I can so clearly Josh, Jake, and Carly, that I feel like I know them as well as the other characters from the show. I’m always sad that they’re not givens in other stories bc I just forget this story isn’t how it ended up. I’d love to see an update sometime. I know it’s highly unlikely, as it’s a huge undertaking. But JavaJunkie raising three pre-teen kids, while also having Rory’s family nearby just screams tons of plot lines to me. Oh, and the awkward convos as the little kids grow up in a house of dirty that they’ll inevitably interrupt over the years... I just see tons of funny storylines. Thanks again for sharing your talents.
8/24/2019 c78 lulu1960
Thanks for entertaining me again. Spent a couple nights past my bedtime reading. I remember doing that back in the day. It was like revisiting an old friend. This is the middle that Luke and Lorelai should have had. Although now L/L are grandparents (Revival wise).
10/31/2018 c78 amollie71
Really, enjoyed this story/saga for the 2nd time. Do you mind me asking your real or pen name so I can look up your published book or books? You can email me at if you'd prefer not to post it in the public comments. I forget if has a PM function for authors. Probably. Great story!
10/25/2018 c54 amollie71
I've been to the Cask & Flagon. I went to grad school at Northeastern University in Boston from 1996-1999. I never saw a game at Fenway, but I ate at the The Boston BrewWorks near there. They had a great sandwich called the Big Green Monster. Are you a huge Bostonian? Or did you just do your research to find out that the Cask & Flagon was the big Red Sox bar? I miss Boston. I considered staying after graduation, but the cost of real estate was outrageous. I've got to get back up there to biggest soon. One of my grad school buddies settled up there.
2/12/2018 c78 10Gilmoregrl519
I have finished my 4th time rereading this entire series! And each time I am amazed by how I always forget reality and start to believe that L/L got their fresh kids and the beautiful life you created for them. Thank you so much for this gem (and all our other stories!).
1/22/2018 c78 Marina Kitchen
I loved this so much! Thank you for writing such a sweet story ️
10/22/2017 c78 5PreviouslyAnonymous
This "Good at" series was my first foray into any kind of fan fiction. I came into the whole Gilmore Girls world earlier this year after binge watching Parenthood. I knew Lauren Graham was the lead in GG so I thought I'd give it shot. Before I knew it I had blown through the original series and the revival. When I finished I felt "show hole" like I've never felt before. I don't know how it happened, but I was definitely not sure how to process the revival and I was Googling things. Suddenly, I was on this site reading the first chapter of "Packaged Goods" - took me longer than I care to admit to realize there were three other parts before it...oops! I spent many weeks reading through all the parts and I fell in love with your story so much that I spent a decent amount of a long awaited trip to Australia reading it. I found myself loading chapters on my phone in the hotel room so I could read them on planes/trains/buses/boats or while relaxing on a beach or a park. It opened me to the whole world of fan fiction and I've since found several other stories that I've loved as well (many of your other stories included). I ended up creating an account and I've had the opportunity to talk with other authors and even meet one in person. I didn't have an account when I first read this, but I've been trying to go back and leave comments on my favorite stories. I've been putting off saying something here because I don't know how to express how grateful I am for it. I know you've mostly moved on from writing fan fiction, but I really wanted to stop and write something to let you know even 6 years later people still find your story and love it. And for as long as it took me to read it, I'm sure it took you many more hours to write it. It is a beautiful story that's very well written. Thank you so much for posting it so I could enjoy it all these years later!
1/1/2017 c7 kpop381
The shirt is PERFECT! I'm sure it's something Lorelai would wear as much as possible!
1/1/2017 c1 kpop381
No fair.. I'm sobbing! Luke really is a big softy!
10/26/2016 c78 hockeypuckrattlesnake
I finally finished reading this wonderful trilogy and I'm still in awe. Thank you for sharing this wonderful alternate universe you created. The ending was perfect.
10/19/2016 c55 berlin0910
8/26/2016 c78 littlemissliketofight
Blitzed through this series of your fics because I just couldn't put it down! Well written and got the feel of the original series spot on, realistic marriage, exciting but not melodramatic, and can honestly say never liked an original character as much as Luke's boyfriend (jks)! Thank you for having spent so much time with this story and hence allow me and others spending more time in this wonderful world that Amy created and then you extended :-) x
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