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9/21/2008 c1 11EndlessFighter
okay... I just got my alert to this story and now I have to quote myself... this is an MSN message I send to my Friends who reads your stories as well:

Jule - Life's short, talk fast! wrote:

AH! I love Mag! I love her, I love her, I love her!

sarahb200788 wrote:

what did she do

Jule - Life's short, talk fast! wrote:

she posted a new fic... continuation of middle management!

Jule - Life's short, talk fast! wrote:




Well, there you have it!

I love you so much for continuing these stories.

I was so hungover today but this story immediately made me forget my bad headache.

And over the last few weeks I was so bummed out because I didn't have anything good to read, GG related.

Updates to this story are gonna make my day!

About the Chapter... I loved it.

I love it that they finally have their little girl and I just loved Luke.

The letter he wrote and just the way he acted. So.much.love!

Thank you so much!

9/21/2008 c1 3Cappuccino2go
AW you are back :) Thanks to "ikilledkenny" :D

Can't wait what ride you have planed and I can't wait to go all the way with you and our happy little family :)

Thanks for coming with that story. I really missed them and your way of portraying Luke/Lorelai and their kids.
9/21/2008 c1 11vaso.caskett
I don't know who i love more you for writing this or ilovekenny who made you write it! I'll go with you because i so wanted to see this story written! Thank you, thank you, thank you Mags!

And what a great start LL in the hospital carrying their daughter. What a nice visual Mags. And Luke's letter to the baby. The sweetest thing EVER!

Have i said i love you Mags? Keep it going :)
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