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3/25/2012 c6 M
He got bored.
1/11/2010 c8 HatinLife
Not to be an ass or anything, but there was a lot of grammar and spelling errors. On top of that, I have absolutely no idea where you're going with this story. I gave you the benefit of the doubt and added this story to my alerts. If you need a beta or just someone to proofread your work, I'd be more than happy to help. Until next chapter. Later.

11/24/2009 c1 5Rose Tiger
Good, but it would be better if you double space the speeches from the paragraphs to make it easier to read.
11/24/2009 c8 5RogueNya
Interesting story look forward to seeing what exactly is going on with all the characters though.
8/2/2009 c2 Gravity The Wizard
Nice Story!
1/22/2009 c7 PsyCHo
Not bad. Seen worse fics around. Much worse.

Maybe writing more per chapter, please?
1/22/2009 c7 TripleSixes
i think your story is interesting because virtually noboby makes naruto evil, and it seriously pisses me off.
1/11/2009 c6 Life is all we got
The kyuubi could be after the Uchiha. Itachi could be good.
11/12/2008 c6 23The Laughing Phoenix
Hm, reason Kyuubi came to Konoha...

Say Kyuubi was hunting someone, perhaps a lesser demon, or a particularly nasty specimen of the human race...and he tracked his prey to Konoha. So Konoha wasn't his primary target, just a casualty of his rage. As to why he was hunting them, that's up to you. Maybe they challenged him, chickened out, and ran, or they did something to injure his pride. Considering who/what Kyuubi is, I imagine he's a rather proud fellow. Your call, really.
11/12/2008 c6 5Fox Boss
How about Madara taunted Kyuubi, and then while the Kyuubi was distracted Madara used the Sharigan on it.
11/11/2008 c6 ryu k4g3
to kill the Uchiha or the snake.
11/11/2008 c1 1The Lone Cthulhu
Looks good so far, and has quite a bit of potential. I think you should look into a beta reader. A little more detail would be nice as well. I just hope the plot doesn't get lame, something I've seen quite a bit of in stories with potential. It's obvious you won't be hugging to the original storyline, which is fine, but if I see a crossover or something elsethat's incredibly Mary Sue-ish you can expect a facepalm. Good luck and don't do anything stupid...
11/11/2008 c6 4Kyuubi123
Maybe you should have kyuubi attacking konoha because he heard from other demons that their brethren were being sealed. He heard that konoha had a great seal master and went there to kill him to keep anymore of the demon from being sealed. Or you could say that madara tried to control kyuubi but kyuubi mauked him and that is way he looks the way he is and after that kyuubi was going to konoha to kill everyone to make sure that he could never be controlled again. Just a suggestion.
11/5/2008 c4 3Darknasty31
Aww she cares alot in an angry way. Update soon.
11/5/2008 c2 Darknasty31
Makes perfect sense now, keep it up.
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