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9/4/2010 c6 4V3NX5
cute sasuhina moment
9/4/2010 c5 V3NX5
yeah ur kinda right
9/4/2010 c1 V3NX5
sounds fun
7/8/2009 c6 Fluff Master
Obey me, fluff! I commandeth pull off Anko's trenchcoat!
7/8/2009 c6 L
I like fluff! :D
7/8/2009 c4 L
Hinata always has to fail, lololol.
7/8/2009 c3 Fcking Hot Sex Addict
Ooh, Sasuke's so talented!

^ ^

( . ) ( . )
7/8/2009 c3 L
Maybe a revision wouldn't be a horrible idea.
7/8/2009 c2 L
Interesting chapter, but Sasuke did seem slightly out of character.
7/8/2009 c1 L
Good chapter! :D
4/22/2009 c6 14nequam-tenshi
Yeah Life of Curry! Just like what happened to Neji in the anime!
4/18/2009 c6 gokovsvegeta
poor sasuke XD.

hmm i was just thinking , since sasuke has the sharingan he should have a tutor that could teach him more about it , kinda like kakashi.

and we know that sasuke has lightining and fire styles nature , kakashi could teach him lighting techinique and anko would teach him fire techniques.

also maybe some good genjutsu , since sharingan is good for genjutsu thats where kakashi would come and help, also some kinjutsu (forbidden techniques) and thats where anko would come and help.

we know anko was a former student of orochimaru and she learned many things from him , she could teach sasuke theses techniques , but we don't know what are the kinjutsu she knows sice kishimato doesn't put her on screen that much.

also during the chunin exams orochimaru might put the cursed mark on him, anko could help him with it , and tell him to surpress the evil chakra of it ,. and kakashi could seal it up for him , and if there is by chance he could also seal up anko's curse mark , since we saw that it wasn'tsealed up in the anime and she was suffering in pain because of it.

hmm , sasuke is an orphan right , and kakashi is also an orphan an so is anko.

if you think about it they could be a nice family.

anko(mother) , kakashi (father) , sasuke (son)

sasuke has the curse mark of his mom and the sharingan of his dad , and if the curse reacts then dad would come and help XD

also he has lighting technique from dad and fire technique from mom.

just some sugestion incase you get a writers block ^^

anywhoo , this was a nice and funny chappy ^^

hope you update soon.
4/18/2009 c6 21Oreo-chan93
Haha XD

my stomach hurts so bad because of me laughing so much.

nice chapter^^

you know maybe after the mission is done you should get kakashi to help sasuke with his sharingan , since anko has no knowledge of it , and maybe make kakashi help him with his lighting based techniques.

hey how bout a kakashi/anko ^^

just a suggestion since kakashi is the only one in konoha who has the sharingan , and could be a good tutor for sasuke.
4/17/2009 c6 WielderoftheSharingan
Hm, a good chapter Kiba. Although, I think you should work on making your chapters longer. It's something I've been working on myself. Also, you may want to try fleshing out the details in the writing as well. Other than that, good chapter.
4/17/2009 c6 sasukerocks123

i like this! a lot!

please continue!
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