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12/16/2011 c23 1VampirePrinssess
Me- Krad looked so cute in his halloween costume hhaha I really like the story

Isy- its a great song the one that you used we watched the video it was really good
7/12/2011 c23 13mountain ash
wonderful story-keep writing in this! I can't wait for more.
5/16/2011 c23 19Licarline Aida Clyne
really sorry for the late review! I've read this fic a long time ago .

I really love how all the characters divided into 'bad' humans and 'good' artworks xD plus, I really love Elliot/Freedert and Argentine/Towa! :D maybe you could add Insomnia later? XD

and oh really sorry Krad, but I love you crossdressing xD especially in this chapter...

seriously, why do it have to be Chaiyya Chaiyya? fyi, not so long ago here in Indonesia there's a police uploading his video dancing Chaiyya Chaiyya and I- I just can't help imagining Dark as him , BWAHAHAHA XD ouch, I actually fell from my seat for that!

and oh yeah, btw Long haired, Evil, sadistic, homicidal blonds are HOT! *glomps Krad, Lucius, Draco and Arthas**kicked*

update soon? :3


2/1/2011 c23 9hitsuhina1220
is this story or no

12/3/2010 c23 12Sel Raen
kay you need to update like now
9/20/2010 c23 7KhonsuYue
XD awsome yeah school is a pain but nice to see your still writing
9/18/2010 c23 2QueenOfThePirates
I definitely went and watched the Chaiyya Chaiyya scene while reading this!

I really want to see Krad dressed in that outfit. (snickers)

I enjoyed this chapter a lot Shadow-Author-san! You're talent to write out the dance is amazing! I could just see the dance in my head! It was great! 33

You make me smile! Thankies for your great work! n_n 33
9/1/2010 c23 rubywings29
wow great chappie, is that an indian song? this was a little short but it was great taht you updated though^^ I liked it a lot and i was glad daisuke didn't cause any trouble, who's gonna be paired up with riku though?
9/1/2010 c23 8Midnight Ghost
If you want to finish it, finish it! It's your choice too.
9/1/2010 c23 The Lantern
Heh, it's amusing. I like how Dark is afraid of the girls.

I'm in a particulary cheerful mood today, can you guess why? ;)
9/1/2010 c23 11xNeve
Gosh... It's been a while, but I adored this story so much I never forgot what happened... scary. I'd love to read more! I hope that you're settled now and that you will update soon!
8/23/2010 c22 11The First Sight
Best story I've read in a long time! It's very fun! I anxiously await more chapters! :) I don't have any snazzy things to suggest, however, because I have been at a sad lack for ideas recently, myself...

(P.S. I'm dreadfully sorry to hear about your Mom, too, as I just read the news in one of the earlier chapters.) :(
8/23/2010 c8 The First Sight
Awesome chapter! ^^ I liked the facebook bit at the end. It made me laugh. Mio would so do that, too.
8/23/2010 c4 The First Sight
Huh. Evil Daisuke. Who'd've thought it? :\

1/27/2010 c22 animeannie
(luv your profile pic,. btw)

yay, Satoshi and Krad are at a truce!

I guess.. someone I'd love to see is a beauty contest between Risa and Krad.. the winner is obvious, but it'd be fun to me... ^_^
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