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for Gazing Into The Abyss

7/1/2016 c9 Amy
Wow this horror story is the best fic i ever read ,
You should do another horror fic or even supernatural fics of wwe.

Maybe you should write dark fic of the undertaker ministry of darkness or even more o wwe superstars in a asylum

I love your story

3/10/2013 c7 32grapewhite
Love this!
Its serious bada$$ horror :)
2/21/2013 c21 PunktasticJerichoholic
Wow, I love this story. It's so dark and spooky, GREAT read. Gonna tell my fiends to read it to! :DD
9/12/2010 c21 LeighhVanMonroe Xx
Angel I love it :) So dark, so intense! Awesome job :) 110% awesomee xx
10/12/2008 c21 1Humpaz2210
Hey good Story, i want to congradulate you on how well you wrote this story.

I will probably read ur new story, depending on what its about, so give me a buz on the details of what its about.

Well done and thank you for writing this exellent story.

10/10/2008 c21 Caycee
This is probably my second review but I loved the ending. It's nice that after a few dozen chapters full of bloodshed that a happy ending is right around the corner. Good job. I definitely recomend you make this into a book or at least become an author. You just migjht be the next Stephen King of horror.
10/10/2008 c21 136wrestlefan4
Yay! This story was absolutely fantastic! the ending was great, and it seemed such a perfect ending I can't wait to read your next fic!
10/10/2008 c17 Caycee
Oh it was a bad internet connection. Well anyways good chapter and I hope to read the rest of this deliciously spooky story. If Brian doesn't kill Evil Chris first. I will. No one does that to my Matty.
10/10/2008 c21 96TheVampireLucinda
I'm glad that Chrissy is still okay...and that Matt and Bri survived. *smiles*

That was excellently written, poetically dark and gory and...pretty beautiful. XD Perfect.

If there was a rating system, I'd give this story 5 stars out of 5. Or maybe 6. Looking forwards to your next fic!

10/10/2008 c21 162Dark Kaneanite
Hun that story was one of the best that I have every read, and I don't even read horror stories. It kept me captivated from start to finish, I couldn't even look away during the gory scenes, and the nights sleep I lost was well worth it.

And thanks for the Taker cake, now if I can only find a Kane shaped one, my collection will be complete.lol I can't wait to read your new story. Much Love!
10/10/2008 c21 8Animal Luvr 4 Life
This was a great story. Keep up the good work.
10/10/2008 c21 21Edward's Josie Black
OMG YAY! *dances* It's so happy...only not. And I LOVE IT. I'm SO glad I read this story, even though at first I was all, "Horror? O.o..." It's...completely amazing. I really, really enjoyed it. And I love that it ended so beautifully.

And another story? HOMG woo-hoo! *waits (im)patiently*
10/10/2008 c20 Edward's Josie Black
You have NO idea how happy I am they at least made it out alive (although it's needful to add a "for now" in Chris's case). I'm so proud. *sniffle* I do hope Chris makes it...

*reads on*
10/10/2008 c19 136wrestlefan4
OH! You actually make me pity Chris and I don't like him, but I feel so bad for him, poor guy. I hope he makes it. Can't wait to see if Matt does too or if he is left consumed by the darkness. It would make for a nice sequal though. Can't wait to read the rest, you have me on the edge of my seat! :D
10/10/2008 c18 wrestlefan4
E! This is awesome! I kind of wish Brian was the one going nuts though, I mean Chris did have sex with him before to keep him warm and it seemed like they had something going on. Maybe it's just because I like matt and would like to see him the god guy, lol. But mabye Brian can still save Matt? Or maybe there is no happy ending, maybe Brian dies and Chris and Matt stay in the assylum to wait for their next victims. Oh! If they don't die, you should so make a sequal where some other wrestlers go there and stuff. I just like this story a lot and don't want to see it end. You're really good at horror writing. But I'm going to shut up now and go on to chap 19. Yay!
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