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4/1/2009 c2 3megzlilpegs
'ill email this convo to egg tho she'll make a good mrs lovett

shes more civilised than us vulgar women... but still VERY sadistic and she can write good sex scenes'

babz :')
1/26/2009 c4 Val.x
You people are complete shit roleplayers. Godmoding, conversations inbetween, no capitals, nothing to say where the speech begins and the action stops, or vice versa. And it is so bloody OOC! Have you even seen the film?

God. Buck yourselves up, people.
11/24/2008 c3 16Stupidbutts
Now this just reminds me too much of S&M roleplay

11/24/2008 c2 Stupidbutts
still very attractive
11/24/2008 c1 Stupidbutts
Sexy ;)
10/21/2008 c5 HuddySmutKitten
WAH! I wanna stab Sweeney in the haert and push toby off and take poor

Mrs. Lovett to place where noone could get to her! D,: she doesnt deserve all this!

*runs to Cuddy and starts crying* Save her! Save her! Come on Cuddy! We have to help her!
10/21/2008 c3 HuddySmutKitten
Ah! its nice 2 know that im not a freak! that their are other ppl who are as perverted as i am!

you wouldn't believe the sick shit that comes outta my head! i blame it on all the hentai i watch! i sure am a fucked up 14 year old!

seriously...hentai is messed up! . . . . . . .fucking japanese ppl and their anime porn...just disturbing it is!
10/10/2008 c1 HuddySmutKitten
*claps* Wonderful show indeed!

See, this is what I've been trying to get my friends to do with me only with House and Cuddy! I've been trying to get them to do the role playing thing with me but their ALL WUSSES!


And now my mind taughts me everyday! You wouldn't believe how hard high school is when your mind is torturing you with perverted thoughts! And their all building up! God only knows how awkward this explosions gonna be once I finally snap! Wah! I need an outlet!
10/6/2008 c5 11TheSolitaryNoodle
If you edited this like a proper story, without the lack of capitals and the conversations inbetween, then this would be really good :)

10/5/2008 c5 Rachael
what? that's it? please please please write more! please i lovett! please continue! noo
10/3/2008 c5 3megzlilpegs

Dont come bck.

No, seriously, don't.


You are so unloved.

Anywho, if you want, you can send me the convos and i'll format them for this, so then all you have to do is upload them once you...if ever, get back XD

Plus, you know i have no life, and i am DEPSERATLEY bored.
10/3/2008 c4 megzlilpegs
ha, im totally reveiwing our own story. too cool.

"he did not need advice from this... barber." lmao, wht? Well what else is he?

"mustve been a vulgar pee :P" OMH, i forgot how absolutly hilarious you are XD

so much for being kidnapped XD

CLIFFIE. ya know, i totally ONLY read our coversation, not the actual story...and i DO NOT remember any of this.

except. THEY TOTALLY IGNORED LUCY'S BEING ALIVE. Man i thought that was the BEST twist. and t'was ignored (cries). hehe, im faring better than you, you got plagerized XD
10/2/2008 c4 ff345
Are you just hitting the keyboard with your head, hoping letters will form words, that will hopefully, when combined make a story?

*insert more cleverly-bitchy-spent-hours-thinking-up insults here*

Haha okay srsly.

You children disgust me. No rly. And you know I lovett baby ;)
10/2/2008 c4 23Corasqueen
how could ya not accept an invitation from me my edible elephant. the delectable egg is more fun when she's tired. easier to corrupt. lol. it's funnier when your not even barely awake writing it. i was tired. i'm good at sleeping once i finally fall asleep. lol. whoa! watching jeporady and this dude looked like dr.phil. ugh. i hate jeporady. changing channel now.
10/1/2008 c3 Corasqueen
nice very nice. let the whole world know i was pmsing. thanx love. lol. my dear elephant what would i do without you? and my sexy mooney? and the delectable egg? lol. i love y'all.
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