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6/7/2010 c3 Red-waitforit-head
r u gonna continue i like this story its real funy i cracked up when tamari forgot hinatas name and when gaara laughed nd they got all surprized
6/19/2009 c5 kiba65
good story i really enjoy it
4/4/2009 c2 6fandidot
well, I like it. It's freaking hilarious...
2/3/2009 c4 9DanceOfTheEntWives
woohoo! this is awesome i love it
1/31/2009 c4 endstart
Update soon. For some reason, I really love the story title.
1/10/2009 c1 zingobingo4
Woah Woah Woah WOAH!

"No shit, Sherlock."!

That's Hidans's Line!
12/9/2008 c5 3Ylva Nanna Sylvi
Omg you have to update soon I am loving this story the more i read it. The More i read the more it draws me in and it is just great. So do update soon
10/27/2008 c2 169SkywardShadow
Hmm..well, even though I see several more chapters have indeed been posted, I want to give you your 5th review, because..well, simply put, I like the story. ^_^ Keep it up!

Now if you'll excuse me I must go read the next few chapters...
10/5/2008 c4 3Akasuna no Akane
this story got pretty interesting... I can't wait to see what happens next.
10/4/2008 c4 10Kami-Inu
Aw...absolute kawaii-ness! Was that Shukaku trying to get the 2 together? Sneaky demon...lol. This story is really rolling now. I can't wait to find out what the gathering at the arena's going to be like. Nice update. I'll be waiting for the next chapter! =^.^=
10/4/2008 c3 Kami-Inu
Yay! New chapter! This story's just too cute. They actually seem to make a good couple-I enjoy the way you portray them. It's nice to read a light, fluffy fic, over the hardcore ones every once in a while. I hope you get more reviews soon, b/c your writing skills are quite good. You tell a simple story, without a lot of words, but still draw the reader in. I can see everything in my mind's eye. And I love the banter between Gaara and Shukaku. Keep up the good work! =^.^=
10/3/2008 c2 Kami-Inu
I just read this story today. It's quite cute, I have to say, and you managed to express the 2 characters shock at their current situation (one landed in the others lap out of nowhere; go figure). Although I've never read anything relating to this particular pairing before, I enjoyed reading your take on it. It's lighthearted and entertaining. Please update soon. And please don't diss your stories b/c no one is reviewing. I had to wait quite some time before I got reviews on my second fic, and it hasn't accumulated a whole lot of hits either (which is kind of depressing b/c that ones like my baby.) But, the point is, it will take time. But please don't discontinue your stories, alright? Hopefully, there will be an update to this one soon...don't get discouraged, okay? Best of luck to you. =^.^=

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