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11/16/2008 c11 1CFCRockAngel
OMG this chapter is awesome! So perfect!

Stupid boys - i totally agree!

Its great to see that Cedric and Hermione are so happy together - i hope it lasts! :)

I love your style of writing! :)
11/15/2008 c1 Arcanum Paradox
Very impressive leap you're taking for your first fanfiction, though I must say that I absolutely love Cedrione.

I do have a few nitpicks to lay on you though. Firstly, your ellipses use is pretty excessive - three will do.

"Intelligent" should be "intellect" seeing as you're not stating that "He is intelligent", rather, your saying that is an attribute that he has.

"3rd and 2nd" should be written out.

I'm pretty disappointed by the interaction that Cedric and Hermione shared on the train. The situation was completely dependent on what actually happened with Harry and Ron, there's not a single bit of originality. There could have been a lot of other things that could have occurred between her and the four boys - a lot more that could have been said. I also would have liked to have seen more depth to Cedric's character since he isn't explained as thoroughly in the actual series. Maybe reasons as to why he found Hermione attractive. Her simply being "beautiful" is completely generic and pathetic.

Cedric's spiteful thoughts on Cho Chang were a bit "fan-girlish" to me. As an author, you should persuade the reader to prefer Cedric and Hermione together rather than Cho and Cedric (of course), however, twisting Cedric's thoughts to suit your plot is a bad way to go about it. He obviously thought that Cho was simply "beautiful" as well.

There are a few sentence fragments in the last bit that you should take care of.

My last nagging piece of information:

The Weasley twins disliked Cedric Diggory, I'm sure that they would have said some mean things about him when describing him to Hermione.
11/15/2008 c11 Gandalf the White Edelweiss
lol go girls
11/11/2008 c9 10dhfreak06
Lol. Here is another review. I really love this story lol. You know that. Lol We must make you reach 50 lol.

Oh I went to the link you have in your account information and I thought you made the vid. Of Hermione and Cedric that you had in your favorites in your YouTube account lol.
11/11/2008 c10 4ladys3194
please update soon! this is one of the best cedric/hermione stories i've read in a long time! if you don't update soon i swear i'll review on every page just so you will reach 50! NOT KIDDING!
11/11/2008 c10 MsDateman
Get on with the story and maybe we will review :)
11/11/2008 c10 10dhfreak06
Hey, There I don't remember if I have review your story. If I haven't I apologies. I just have to say that this goes on top with one of my favorite Cedric/Hermione stories so far. I freaking love your story. I always thought that these two where meant for each other.

The connection you have between these characters is amazing and it's real believable. I really hope for a new update soon. :D

Oh and happy early birthday. Don't usually do thins but if you would like I can make a graphic for your story. You can see my work in my Livejournal account. Here is the link. http:/dhfreak./tag/pairing:cedric/hermione Here is everything I have done Hermione and Cedric.
11/4/2008 c9 lovesoakedblood
i hope that there is more to this story. Or is it just about the one year?
11/3/2008 c9 1CFCRockAngel
Wow! This was a really good chapter! I love the whole cedric/cho break-up thing going on! I never really liked them together, i much prefer cedric and hermione :)

Loved the flashback bit too - i think when you put something like that (or a letter/note) in the chapter, it really draws your attention even more to whats going on in the story - if that makes sense. Great idea! Loved it :)
11/2/2008 c9 4MissSThompson
eww on earth should i give u a review you you you

argh, i forgot bout that sam thing and..i.. hate you

i supose it would be worse if u rote a WHoLe story...


ive got a little quiz for you, my favorite LETTER now is the 13th one...why not work it out

oh and i hope 2 have 4th chapter on soon

11/2/2008 c9 san01
11/2/2008 c9 4ginnylovesharry07
good chapter, can't wait for more. I like the fact that everyone knows about their friendship now.
11/2/2008 c9 Gandalf the White Edelweiss
^^ i loved it! i think that they should talk about their relationship in the next chapie!
10/30/2008 c8 1CFCRockAngel
This is getting really interesting! I can't wait to see what happens next! Hermione and Cedric are such a great couple - i hope they dont split up (dont make them split up!) LOL :)

This chapter was short and sweet, not to mention perfect!

Keep up the awesome work! :)
10/27/2008 c6 padfoot1mione
did they swap spit
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