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10/27/2008 c1 1Becca - loves - twlight
o i'm very interested to see where this will lead!

i think Hermonie and Cedoric make a perfect couple
10/25/2008 c8 Gandalf the White Edelweiss
10/25/2008 c8 6Ginger-Whinger
Excellent chapter! really fantastic, the emotion in that scene about the Thestrals was absolutely perfect. Keep it coming and well done!
10/24/2008 c8 4MissSThompson

the best one uve written soo far

writers block seems to be a good thing 4 you!


im writing my story up from french


anyway probs have it on by 2moz if not later

gud luck writing


ps I HatE YOU Soo MucH, sam and me, ah cant beLiEve u did that

breathe breathe
10/23/2008 c7 Readerforlife
Love it cannot wait to read moRe!
10/19/2008 c7 7femme fetal
i would be happy to beta for you. =]

i like this story so far.

its interesting.
10/17/2008 c7 5YouKnowYouLoveMe3
I've never betad before but if you want i can give it a go! email me at

cheer 3223 @ aol . com

Just take out the spaces!
10/16/2008 c7 8Invisible Shadowess
Beta! Beta! Beta! Make me your Beta! Beta! Beta! Beta! I wanna be your Beta!

10/16/2008 c6 Invisible Shadowess
Aww! I loved this chapter. Let me tell which two quotes I absolutely adored! 1)"That's neither here nor there Ced, I'm just telling you what Claire told me." and 2)"I can't believe it. I'm not a freak! I'm special!" lol! So great!

Much better which your grammar, but you still need to a)slow down when you type and think because you are missing words and b)quadruple-check your stuff before you submit. Or, you can just give it to me to beta;) Whatever floats your boat.

10/16/2008 c7 Gandalf the White Edelweiss
10/15/2008 c6 Gandalf the White Edelweiss
10/14/2008 c5 4MissSThompson
well well well good job Shygirl135 better than expected



i think what you can do for "the bit in the middle" is just have a chapter which decribes a few conflicts and stuff that may happen ie wen hermione is petrified.

ill explain later if u want 2 no more

10/12/2008 c5 8Invisible Shadowess
Hmm... interesting turn of events. Beginning to like junior high all over again. My guess would be to write something that happens on the train on Hermione's way home from Hogwarts for Christmas between her and Cedric as there is a big empty space of stuff that could be going on for two weeks involving Hermione that we never heard about because the reader is following Harry around. Don't have to, but it's what I would do.
10/12/2008 c5 Natalie
hey claire,

i guess when harry sends hermione back to the hospatil wing with ron (after wizard's chess) she could run into cedric adn he could help her and kick of the action...?

just an idea

good on ya chick good story

love natalie x
10/11/2008 c5 4ginnylovesharry07
I am enjoying this story, and I really want it to move along. Depending on what you have in mind for the plot. Think of christmas, valentine's day. That would diffantly have some jeluousy on hermione's part. What about them running into each other over the summer or when they buy things in diagon alley.

Just some ideas. YOu never know when one might hit you.

keep writing.
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