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10/11/2008 c5 Gandalf the White Edelweiss
10/10/2008 c4 8Invisible Shadowess
Give me a moment to revel in your choice of authors... let me guess, all favorites of yours I'm sure?

Very angsty chapter you've written here.. you've done a good job portraying the anger of the forgotten love, and I find it interesting that you had Cedric sobbing in his bed and Hermione merely a tad weepy. It's not a bad thing, just interesting. Can't wait to see how the rest of this story unravels.

10/10/2008 c2 Invisible Shadowess
I really like the way you incorporate the real story with your fic. It makes your AU a bit more believable that this could have actually happened Hermione's first year before she becomes friends with Harry and Ron. One small word of advice: punctuation! If you start a quote, please end it. Make sure that your comma placement is where you would like your reader to take a breath.

10/10/2008 c1 Invisible Shadowess
Very good first chapter! I've never read a Hermione/Cedric fic before, and you have definitely perked my interest. One small piece of advice though, you've given Cedric two different eye colors. In the beginning he has brown eyes, and at the end he has blue ones. Just so you don't confuse your readers, it may be smart to pick a color and stick with it. In my opinion, blue eyes seem to have more of a mesmerizing effect than brown, but as you are the writer, it is your decision, not mine.

10/10/2008 c4 Gandalf the White Edelweiss
god ced is a prat..
10/10/2008 c4 10dhfreak06
Thank you so much for the new update. Poor hermione and also cedric. I really can't wait to read more. Hope for more soon. I love these pairing so much There just isn't enough fics out there of these two.
9/30/2008 c3 williammoseleysgirl
so so so good! more please!
9/29/2008 c3 Gandalf the White Edelweiss
9/28/2008 c2 htbookreader1
omg i really really like it...cute cool...want to know what happens next..i writing a cedric hermione story too called the boy who might live...yours is really good i like that shes first year and hes third...update soon
9/28/2008 c2 6perfectships
Great story.Keep up the good work.One request. Please don't kill Cedric and let them get their happily ever after. And just wondering(hint hint) what about the yule ball
9/27/2008 c1 Nazmitaz

its FIANLLYY up!


i like it! =]

update soon!


Or nat to uu :P

9/27/2008 c2 Gandalf the White Edelweiss
lol i loved the ending but again that is why i don't think ron and hermione should be together!
9/27/2008 c1 6Ginger-Whinger
Hi! You had me sucked in by the first paragraph which is so sweet! I really like the bit at the end where F&G are saying hello to Hermione and she's just staring at Cedric!

Stories/Chapters usual appear about an hour after you submit, but you've probably already worked that out! Happy writng! N
9/26/2008 c1 4ginnylovesharry07
It has a lovely start. Can't wait to read more.
9/26/2008 c1 Gandalf the White Edelweiss
^^ that is so cute!
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