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10/18/2009 c28 aranona
I'm excited for Cedric and Hermione's reunion. I think it's okay you're ending the story after the second year...but, you should know, I've thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Looking forward to your next project!
10/18/2009 c28 18hansbmd
Yeah! Tom Riddle's gone, Ginny's all right, Lockhart's lost his memory (I caught the sarcasm in "what a shame that was" and it was perfect) and Hermione's going to be revived! I loved this book. I can't believe you're going to end the story in the next two chapters, but I know they're going to be great! Next one please!
10/18/2009 c28 6Leedle-leedle-lee
This story is one of the best I've read in a long time. You're an amazing writer...My new fav. story! Have a most pleasant day, week, month, or year...Until my next review and your next chapter.

10/16/2009 c27 1CFCRockAngel
It may not have been your best but it definetley wasnt the worst :-) You still wrote it really well :-)

As for ending the story soon, if you have a good idea you really should keep writing to complete it. But i know how frustrating writers block can be so i would understand if you just left it. Maybe you could take a break from it for a while, start some shorter stories, and come back to it if you get inspiration?

You're a really good writer :-)
10/16/2009 c27 49TheOtherMaidOfTarth
I thought it was a good chapter update plz
10/16/2009 c27 612yellow 14
Don't worry, school takes priority. (My own updates have slowed down because of my degree.) You'll get used to the workload. Eventually. Keep updating, it's still a good chapter
10/15/2009 c27 Readerforlife
loved it :)
10/15/2009 c27 18hansbmd
Yeah! You updated! And it didn't take you nearly as long as it normally does! I really shouldn't berate you for taking so long to update because it takes me two months to write a chapter for my Harry Potter story, so I'm sorry. But it was a good chapter. And I'll support you no matter what you decide to do. If you end it here and write smaller stories, I'll go with it. If you continue this story, I'll go with it. I'm flexible just as long as you keep writing.
10/15/2009 c27 8MeredithGlass
yay! i love this so much! except the part about stephanie meyer being one of the greatest american authors...whatever happened to lois duncan? but ill let it slide because the story is so AMAZING! cant wait to read the rest!
10/15/2009 c27 2TimeRose
aww sweetie dont worry im doing my alevels at the min too and your doing 4? oh god love you! lol what subjects? it was short and sweet and nice that you gave us something so well done!=D
10/2/2009 c26 allora123
when next chapter?
9/20/2009 c26 aranona
I love this story! It's nice to see a softer (scared) side of Cedric. Everyone always portrays him as being extremely brave. Looking forward to more!
9/20/2009 c26 612yellow 14
Fear is a perfectly normal reaction to a scary situation, I don't blame him for hesitating, most people would. Good luck with your exams. As for the time between updates, well there are plenty of writers on this site who start but never finish and plenty more who take their sweet time updating. (The longest I've ever heard of is two YEARS!) A very good chapter, keep updating
9/19/2009 c26 18hansbmd
Wow! This was good! I liked the part at the end where Cedric is reliving one of his childhood memories. If I had a memory like that, I wouldn't want to go down a creepy tunnel either. And wow, Myrtle offered to be useful and go get help! That's cool! I can't wait for you to post the next chapter up, just please don't take so long to do it!
9/19/2009 c26 49TheOtherMaidOfTarth
So Cedric has a fear of small places,


keep going
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