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6/3/2009 c1 22azab
loved it
3/16/2009 c1 16JenBurch
I like this fic, it's always cute when Sam's looking after Dean. Dean's usually grumpy about it. That leads me to my question. The last line about 'you're so not doing this again', I'm guessing that's Dean grouching coz Sam's taking care of him? Or is Sam telling Dean he's not allowed to get hurt?

Or are we supposed to decide for ourselves again? lol

Great job, hun!
12/23/2008 c1 77sweetysmart0505
What happened to poor Deanie! Good job!
10/10/2008 c1 134Soncnica
“You do know you’re so not going to do this again, right?”

Do what?

gr sometimes I hate drabbles :)
10/7/2008 c1 annettes22
How come Dean's always the one that's hurt?
10/1/2008 c1 6lovinandrew
Finally im not slack and can review.

I gotta say I've read alot of drabbles but reading all yours, they are the best. You know how to say so much with so little words. And like others have said...Where's the rest! hehe

Keep em coming mate ;)

Debbie x0x
9/27/2008 c1 47Scullspeare
Hm. Why did the phrase 'huge hand' referring to Sam make me smile? :)

Great appetizer - hope it inspires you to write the main course! I'm hungry for more.
9/27/2008 c1 86supernaturalsammy67
AW awesome fic hun x

loved it!
9/27/2008 c1 bia1007
Meanwhile I’m addicted to these little drabbles! This one shows another wonderful snapshot of this special brother-bond (loved Sam’s gentle touch) and as always my imagination gets into top gear reading it. Great one!
9/26/2008 c1 12Orange Autumn
Aw! Hugs for Dean! Good thing Sam's taking care of him. Yay Sam!
9/26/2008 c1 52Onyx Moonbeam
Ah, cool cloths. Protective Sam. I love protective Sam.
9/26/2008 c1 110Enkidu07
*dies a little inside*

WONDERFUL! Love that his huge hand can do gentle so nicely.

what'd dean do? what'd he do? these drabbles are such great inspiration for my imagination.

love it!
9/26/2008 c1 64TraSan
I don't know why (you know, other than possible SamGirl tendencies) that the huge hand phrase garnered my attention. I think it was in the episode "Time is on My Side" when I realized how freakin' big Sam's hands are. He was holding a hand over that girls mouth and it looked like he could have easily cupped her entire face.

Hee...the actual point of this is, I like when you have so few words, that they are well chosen and instantly invoke an imagine with the power of a single, well placed word.

9/26/2008 c1 174Mad Server
M. Love me some hurting clammy Dean. :) Makes me all curious how he hurt himself.
9/26/2008 c1 111deangirl1
Aw, Dean... Love nurse Sammy - but maybe that's because of patient Dean?
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