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for How did this happen?

8/20/2020 c21 akarilives
aaaaAaa i really love this book! hoping for a sequel
4/16/2020 c14 Hillary
That's funny,that's sweety.I love it!
4/16/2020 c9 Guest
Alice Next chapter will be posted after 25 reviews
Me Sigh
That's so funny reading it!I like it
12/26/2014 c21 sousie
i love it
12/3/2014 c21 Je m'appelle Marie
It was sooo cute!
8/25/2014 c21 qhrciskrpc
Love the ending.

I'm just going to look and see if you wrote book two.
4/3/2014 c21 rhododendron kaempferi
omfg! that was beautiful. you have to write a sequel.
7/11/2013 c21 Guest
I LOVED THIS STORY SO MUCH! I really hope you make a sequel .. Thank you for a wonderful read
5/11/2013 c21 4Magic'sKey
haha this was a great story ! i especially loved the ending :D !
12/28/2012 c10 1Haruchan-chan
I love your character Beth. I also love how you write her thoughts and convey it as if though we were really there in her place to watch the interactions.
10/1/2011 c21 9The Big Dipper
heheehheehehe i loooove this cn i have a character eeeep name:Dezatrix hansen looks:long flowing natural dirty blond hair bright sparkly golden eyes with specs of blue and green pale skin rosey lips personality: soft fun loving but loud rude and stubborn power:she control electricity bio: she is a nomad vegi vamp from twi world and fate sends hr to achiev and bring beth back
1/31/2011 c21 5MissLizziebeth
I wished there was more of Jacob in it, but great story nonetheless! :D Loved all the plot twists and the ending was wonderful :] Keep writing xxx
6/8/2010 c21 NoelleWalker
Wow! I really enjoyed this story. Love the way the story has a happy, but oh-so twilight ending without actually changing the original story!
4/28/2010 c21 2TrustLikePaper
you have got too write more stories!
this was amazing i couldn't stop reading!
please write more :)
10/15/2009 c21 6Blood And Fangs27
I loved it! It was a perfect ending! is there gonna be a sequel? or not?
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