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for Rainwater Kisses

5/11/2013 c1 12lexelial
Wow. This was really good. I've never read (wait, is it a book or movie?) naruto, but I think I might now.
7/31/2010 c1 TeddyBearHugs
That was so romantic! I always liked reading stories about kissing in the rain...
7/10/2010 c1 1shai-duck
Le. Squeal.

Sasuke was SO hot here. Like OH MY GAWD XD

If I were in Sakura's place, I'd probably have melted into a puddle of..something by now @w@
1/6/2009 c1 15Pseudonym Jareth
Cute cute cute! It's perfect, sweet and awesome.

12/17/2008 c1 15Devils Angel 24-7
huh that was cool, good detail i really liked it, you should write more like it.:D
10/4/2008 c1 23Terrified of Logic
oh that was so sweet! rich in detail...and so fluffy...most definetly the perfect kisS!
9/30/2008 c1 1Sarah-Critique
sasuke wasn't ooc... at all.

The stori was so cute! omg, i luv it! XD
9/28/2008 c1 126alayneni
Beautiful story.
9/28/2008 c1 32SasuSaku Forever and Ever
9/28/2008 c1 14kerapal bubbles
KAWAI! that was absolutely AMAZING!
9/28/2008 c1 22Tomoyo Daidouji-Hiiragizawa
I like... No, I love. Sasuke was kinda OOC but it doesn't matter...
9/27/2008 c1 nevertobeseenagain
Love it!

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