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3/26/2015 c1 6Wrabbit75
Too short; needs elaboration. Pretty good read, all in all. I would have dumped some of those mentions of the color of Daria's (Danica's) t-shirt, but it was not too distracting. Here's hoping that this eventually goes somewhere.
7/26/2012 c1 beautifulorhandsome
I simply adour the story you wrote.
8/3/2011 c1 DeacBlue
Funny, funny little fic...but why didn't you have her end up with Jane?
7/22/2011 c1 24cressey
cute story. Well written with just the right amount of embarrassment for the situation. I think I'd die if somebody found me in that kind of situation lol. Thanks for sharing.

x em
4/27/2010 c1 6Dark Kuno
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3/10/2010 c1 16Wendy Brune
Wow! This was such a creative and interesting idea. You wrote the spy novel part of the story very well - I could totally see this being published. Nice usage of the la la la la la's. I think the strongest thing about this piece is the dialouge, especially between Jane and Daria. You capture them so well!

Nice work - I was laughing at the end. =)
3/5/2009 c1 85Rita Arabella Black
You got the description down to the blush nailed! A little girl on girl. Nice one.
1/10/2009 c1 7Project Pegasus
I love it. Very savvy characterization of Melody Powers; Daria would be proud. Melody’s mixtures as a sexual omnivore, cold-blooded killer, and patriot blend together perfectly. For sure you should write some more Daria FF, maybe even a continuation of this chapter.
10/13/2008 c1 magnuskrauss
Hehehehehehehe! And I thought I was the only one who wrote my own porn.

Wait, I said that out loud, didn't I?
10/2/2008 c1 5Sara Winters
Did I not (publicly) review this? Oh yeah, better get around to that.

You know I love your writing. So, I'm not going to make too much of the not-so-subtle fade out. I'll just push you to make it way too much for this site next time. Deal?

Fab and fun. Melody popped off the page and Jane just stole the show with her fantastic wit at the end. I love your use of imagery and...well, girlbadassedness. That is totally a word. Yes it is. Shut up. All words are made up words. One of the main reasons I like this one is because it does feel like something I could see Daria writing, even if she'd never admit it to anyone. Why else would she have never slept with the perfection that was Tom? She treated him like crap because he just wasn't "her type." I still think she harbored a secret craving for Janelove that was never quite satisfied (even by lusting after her brother), which brings me to my next point.

I know I said this before, but you have to write a sequel. Or Daria does. You know, the one where Jane questions why Melody hooked up with "Danica" instead of waiting for her missing friend "Joelle." (Pity her friend never showed up that night. ;-)) Then she asks what Danica and Joelle might do together once Melody has left again, seeing as how Joelle had no idea her friend was curious that way. You see where this is going. I'd like to see it too.

One day you'll have to tell me how you write girls in relationships better than that S. Meyer person. Or another female writer I could name. Hm.
9/28/2008 c1 43WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot
Christopher, this is highly entertaining. While I love Daria, I'm going to have to refresh my memory about anything past season one (Youtube is my homeboy!), but this definitely got me interested in your femmeslash Daria-verse.

I did think that Jane and Daria should do a little exploring, y'know? But, for the Princess of Gen-X Snarky Nihilism, to have her prone to the occasional self-insert is priceless. And loved the La-la-la-lala's and the structure. If you continue on, I'd only request more Jane/Daria (er, if you are so inclined, that is!)

Alerted, just in case.

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