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6/11/2019 c16 8ShadowAlchemist503
I feel like I just went on an emotional journey these past two chapters... like I need some tea... yoga... a nap LOL, that was so intense, well written, and kind of cathartic in a way. Like having someone understand you like that is really such a powerful form of trust and love! There are a million and one things I loved about these past 2 specific chapters, but as I'm very sleepy I'll refrain from rambling even more than I already am haha. But suffice to say, I really felt for Zuko in these past two chapters, like having to relive the shit he went through... and Katara listening and not judging and that they both have helped each other grow and get through, even if just a little bit, their past issues/traumas is always something amazing to me. God I'm such a sap lmao. Anyways 100/10 is my rating :D
6/11/2019 c15 ShadowAlchemist503
Wow okay. Hello. I definitely cried this chapter. Only 15 chapters in and I'm already crying! Impressive skill you've got there, author. I surprisingly didn't cry at the end (although that was some seriously sad shit, like if I had read this all in one go I would've been crying for sureeee) but I actually ended up shedding some eye sweat when Zuko realized he didn't have to address Hakoda like a chief but rather like a father figure, and Hakoda having so much sympathy and warmth for Zuko, and of course, since he never really had one of his own, that was so sweet but so sad and just. I can't even properly write my feelings but it was very warming and sad and many other descriptive words! And really, the scene at the end, I am glad he got to let it out. Again I'm a little speechless, my feelings are everywhere. Great job author, your writing continues to get better and better (as if it wasn't already amazing from the get go) and makes me feel more things :'D
6/11/2019 c14 ShadowAlchemist503
Wow, I love that that line from Hakoda was an actual one from the comics - that's so cool! His talk with her was so sweet, and honestly Katara and Sokka and all the rest of their family together always warms my heart. Also that scene where Zuko was watching her reunite with all her family reminded me of when he and Sokka rescued Hakoda in the show, and he watched as they reunited with a smile despite having no one to reunite with himself... and suddenly news of Ursa can't come soon enough! Of course, Sokka always makes me happy so I'm very glad to see him making a feature in this story!
6/11/2019 c13 ShadowAlchemist503
Not to sound like a broken record, but what another amazing chapter! I love their moment of him holding her on the boat and then just everything going on in his head when it comes to his facial scar, it's so saddening :( GAhscsldkfk I love this so much! Your descriptions and imagery continue to be beautiful!
6/11/2019 c12 ShadowAlchemist503
This chapter... wow, your plot is so good. I felt like I was watching a movie unfold with everything that happened towards the end there. I've had so many thoughts throughout this chapter but honestly, after that ending, all I can think is wow. Another amazing chapter. I am so enthralled with this story, and I am so glad I'm off of work and school for the time being to binge on this story, lucky me :D!
6/11/2019 c11 ShadowAlchemist503
This chapter, once again, had a beautiful balance between humor and seriousness. Like when they were joking about their names (like Sapphire Fire/Wang Fire, and Mushi and Dung lmao), to the more serious tone later on with Zuko playing the Tsungi Horn. Or even the sweet moment when Zuko woke up and Katara had unconsciously cuddled against him in her sleep, it was such a nice moment! Tbh if I was sleeping next to someone who literally radiated warmth I would probably be the same.
6/11/2019 c10 ShadowAlchemist503
Okay first off, not only a story with Zutara in it but also my second fave, Taang :'). Tbh I always thought (aside from Zuko and Katara) that Toph and Aang could've been another potentially great pairing, not only because air and earth kind of being opposites, but I feel like they could've really grounded each other! Also, I love the parallel of how they both ran away from the people they grew up with when they were younger, yet another parallel I never noticed! Secondly, I've always been curious about Iroh's story in-canon, and thought the showrunners could've made like a spin off episode about him or something, but this chapter totally sounds believable and sensible for Iroh's history and the White Lotus's history. Very interesting, and totally apart of my headcanon for him/the Order now :D!
6/11/2019 c9 ShadowAlchemist503
Oh man I love Katara's "protection mode", I really love her so much! And their dance ahh that was so cute! Very cool too, that it was a water tribe dance with the masks they were in and all. I love the atmosphere of this story as well, it's really great storytelling and I really admire your skill :D! I also like how this festival references Samhain, as that was what I was thinking it reminded me of, and of course, the princess with her 9 vassals was a bit of very interesting real life culture!
6/11/2019 c8 ShadowAlchemist503
This was your strongest chapter yet in this fic! The characters started feeling truly and completely in character this chapter (not that it didn't before, but I think you've really hit your stride at this point, it's like, extra amazing now) and there was such a good mix of emotions I felt reading this one. For example, Katara saying she'd be there for him this time around really stood out to me, and Katara also thinking of the parallel between her and Sokka vs. Zuko and Azula, with both older brothers feeling like they were falling behind in comparison to their younger sisters, a parallel I never thought of but just adds another fascinating parallel to them! On top of that, Katara talking to the merchant really had me laughing :D! And Lee, I love Lee! Aghh this was such a great chapter, thank you for writing this!
6/11/2019 c7 ShadowAlchemist503
Ooh okay I loveee the setting of this chapter. I absolutely love the mountains/plains, and it's such a nostalgic and good-feel setting for me that even if this chapter was just about Zuko and Katara looking at an ant hill the entire chapter I still would've had a good time just for your setting usage lol. Anyways, I also appreciated that you wrote Katara realizing how her and Zuko had that whole parenting dynamic going on over the Gaang back in the day, because that's what I've always thought! Another great chapter imo :D
6/11/2019 c6 ShadowAlchemist503
I love seeing them together on their journey so far and reminiscing over some of what they went through in the younger years. Also Princess Yue making an appearance was interesting, although I was a bit confused by her saying the Avatar Cycle will be complete in the fall... maybe I just need to brush up on my Avatar lore lol. Nonetheless, I continue to love how descriptive you are, because I really feel like I'm there, feeling the rain under the moon (especially since it's summer now where I live, blegh).
6/11/2019 c5 ShadowAlchemist503
Whoaaa damn, this chapter was so cool! I love how the Aurora Borealis affected their bending, that's such a fascinating and cool twist to add. I love that it took the shape of the Lotus Flower too - man this is getting so interesting, I feel like I'm reading some fantasy epic with their cloaks and everything too. Oh man I am really digging this. This feels like the start of a season 4 we never got.
6/11/2019 c4 ShadowAlchemist503
I loved Katara's perspective in this chapter, makes me want to go to a hot spring. Also, I love how she, without realizing, formed a Lotus Flower shape from the water, very intriguing indeed!
6/11/2019 c3 ShadowAlchemist503
Ooh the alternate point of view was very interesting to read, especially since it turned out the person studying it was Toph! Your tension building is so amazing, I could feel my heart racing throughout the whole chapter and it's only chapter 3 haha, great work!
6/11/2019 c2 ShadowAlchemist503
I love this intrigue already, and the dream was written so well too! I'm really enjoying how descriptive your writing is, it really takes me into the moment :D
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