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for Fall of the White Lotus

1/6 c51 cygnuscadenza
This fic is more than a masterpiece. It's more than adventure or romance or growth. It's a fic that rises above all others and finally, finally gives something denied to us fans for so long:


Thank you.
6/25/2022 c4 MojoBlack
Logically I can picture this actually happening.
Aang's Air Nomad lifestyle being in conflict with what Katara wants as far as settling down.
I can picture that. In canon I feel that the writers had to overlook that possible conflict because Aang needed a woman in order to produce more airbenders or else they would cease to exist.
I'm even more eager to see how this turns out.
Zuko has always been incredibly insightful so let's see what happens as he and Katara begin their mission together.
6/24/2022 c3 MojoBlack
Im warming up to the idea of Zutara a bit. I have an open mind after acoffing at it for a while. I'm curious to see where it goes and I can't wait to see how my man Zuko and Katara wreck s*** up.
I wondee Toph Chan plays a part in this.
4/1/2022 c51 sandstorm89
Oh my gosh! This by far the best Zutara story I’ve ever read! This is how I wish it had happened! I could not put this down and I fully intend to read it again! Thank you so much for writing this amazing story!
8/8/2021 c1 StephanieHearth
8/6/2021 c21 suttonlypanda

I know I probably won't get an answer to this, seeing how it has been 3 years since this was update (lol), but I haveee to ask just in case...

I was wondering... what does Roku & Tai Min's relationship have to do with Aang's weird determination & assuredness about him & Katara's "fated love"?
how does it make Katara believe that, according to Aang, herself and Aang's 'love' is destined to be true because he believes "love continues through the ages, and therefore, reincarnation"

If that IS what is being implied- then is that why Katara questions whether or not love might actually transcend the ages through blood instead of reincarnation?... is this implying that Katara has a familial blood relation to Tai Min?
Meaning that if she does- Either Aang & her are destined because he's the avatar and she's related to Tai Min ORRR that she is destined to Zuko because he's related to Roku and her to Tai Min...?

Honestly, the answer could be staring me in the face and I just somehow miss it! haha

I love this story. I can't wait to keep reading :)
3/6/2021 c51 sunshinegirl17
This was an extremely beautiful and amazing story. I’m literally crying right now. It’s exactly what I would’ve wanted if there was a season 4 in ATLA. It’s beautifully written. I enjoyed this so much. Thank you bootiful author for gifting us with such a precious story that is now my no1 fanfic.
11/29/2020 c51 Miniminichen
Thank your for sharing your story (or more like a small book :D) with us. I really appreciated it. Its all an avatar fan could ever hope for and so much better than the comics. I've read most of them and the only one I really actually somewhat liked was the search for Ursa. I'd rather have preferred an animated season 4 and I'm very glad that you've incorporated original ideas and brought them to life so masterfully, thus giving the story of our favourite team of world savers the ending they deserved. Especially these last two chapters had me very emotional and in tears. So again thank you, your story is definitely among the best of stories about our favourite pairing and general ending for this awesome series.
11/22/2020 c51 kit94
Oh my goodness this is just about the sweetest atla fic I’ve ever read! Loved it!
10/1/2020 c51 Guest
This was a fantastic book. I love how it followed canon mostly, but threw Zutara in. It was beautifully written and well plotted. Thank you for your gift to Zutara fans.
9/21/2020 c51 AegisOfRime
Absolutely love this story. Very detailed, and ties in beautifully with LoK. The romance between Zuko and Katara was masterfully done, and heart wrenchingly beautiful.
9/18/2020 c19 Guest
actually zuko is the descendant of two avatars, avatar roku and avatar lua, because avatar lua was the firelords wife
8/25/2020 c51 10cyathula
Wow, what a beautiful, exhilarating ride this has been. I spent the last few days entranced by your story, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

While it was a little maddening to see Katara take so long to accept her love for Zuko, it did make their final acceptance of each other so much more gratifying. I loved the extended ending of sorts where we got to see how Katara contributes to Fire Nation politics, their wedding, and especially the discovery of the Air Nomad survivors. I just wish there were hidden air bison too so Appa could continue his legacy as well!

Thank you for writing such an amazing love story. It’s the Book 4 that should have been.
8/10/2020 c1 msnino
this should be canon book 4
8/6/2020 c51 16Spannerspoon
Amazing! Fantastically written and throughly enjoyed!
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