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for Fall of the White Lotus

6/27/2020 c31 iNactivEaccouNt8324
Wow, exciting chapter! I'm looking forward to the next one!
6/27/2020 c30 iNactivEaccouNt8324
Thank goodness for Jun! Man, what a great chapter! I'm so glad Zuko is still "here." I suspected he was, but to know for sure is wonderful!
6/27/2020 c29 iNactivEaccouNt8324
I love the reference to Zuko's Tale when he lit the streetlamps, very sweet.
6/27/2020 c28 iNactivEaccouNt8324
Wow, you are such an incredibly talented writer. Great chapter!
6/19/2020 c27 Anonymous
I love the Taang chapters!
6/19/2020 c26 Anonymous
Wow, great chapter! I was surprised by the leader of the pirates!
6/19/2020 c25 Anonymous
I am consistently impressed by the quality of your writing, very well done.
6/19/2020 c24 Anonymous
Man, what an exciting chapter! I love this story so much!
6/15/2020 c23 Anonymous
I love it! Also... why do they have to run into trouble wherever they go?!
6/15/2020 c22 Anonymous
Oh man, I cracked up reading the explanation of the chapter title! And I'm excited to read about the pirates :)
6/15/2020 c21 Anonymous
I have to admit, I'm a little frustrated with their almost-kisses being interrupted! But very good chapter nevertheless. And Appa and the honey, haha! I love how you tie in events from the show into your story.
6/15/2020 c20 Anonymous
I love chapters that take time to reflect on how other characters (like Hakoda) feel about what's happening. And bless Aang's heart!
6/15/2020 c19 Anonymous
Wow, once again blown away by your talent! Great transitions, adjectives, everything!
6/11/2020 c24 Guest
The only thing I didn’t like in this sorry is how you focused the relationship only on Zutara the entire time even though it has Taang in the storyline as well and was barely in it.
6/3/2020 c23 1zizzic797
Did not see that coming! Wow. Truly terrific writing. I especially liked how you associated different alcohols with the individual cultures. It definitely added an element of realism.
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