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for Fall of the White Lotus

5/8/2020 c28 FireLadyFae
Ok, so I'm only on chapter 28, but... Wow!
I mean like... WOW!
Not only is this written SO WELL, but I can't believe you were actually going off of prompts! I would have never guessed that!
Usually when people write stories from prompts, they're very short or just a one shot.
The fact that not only were you able to make a story out of them, but also that they flow together seamlessly, is just incredible!

I will say the only two things that are bugging me so far, is that the story seems to be suggesting that a certain character is a Firebender, when in the show, she's not. But maybe you just wanted her to be for the story? I'm not sure yet. I'll see what happens.
And the other slightly frustrating thing is how its suggested that Gran-Gran is Hakoda's mom. Unless in this story Hakoda's mom also happens to be in the South Pole?

But again, I'm only on chapter 28, so perhaps that will be elaborated on?

Aside from that, I am absolutely LOVING this story! Ty so much for writing it & sharing it. :)
4/10/2020 c51 Shy
I've now read your story for the fifth time. It's been a wonderful adventure, as it always has been. The story was my first ever Favorite on this site. Thank you for sharing your imagination. Best wishes from shy
4/8/2020 c51 3BowTies13
This story should be required reading for all Zutarians. A story of epic proportions, beautifully written, strikingly in-deapth character analysis and a magnificent extension of the Avatar universe. Utterly breathtaking! Thank you!
2/28/2020 c49 Sak
2/27/2020 c48 Sak
Adorable. Very well done. Their impulsive hand holding got a bit too much for me but it is still endearing. And wow he uses lightning to carve her a necklace amazing!
I'm still wondering why this fic is rated M...
2/27/2020 c47 Sak
What can I say? You write perfectly
2/27/2020 c46 Sak
The sugary fluff is just perfect!
2/27/2020 c45 Sak
2/26/2020 c44 Sak
Wow such drama! Loving it!
2/26/2020 c43 Sak
Very deep!
2/26/2020 c42 Sak
I wonder how long it would take for Katara to fly to the north pole?
I loved their volcano scene
2/26/2020 c41 Sak
Nice background stories !
2/26/2020 c40 Sak
I'm wondering what will happen when Mai sees them back
2/26/2020 c39 Sak
They're soooooo in love and yet make no move further?
2/26/2020 c38 Sak
I feel Zuko and Katara are so hesitant with each other and both are thinking the other is wondering about their partner... Just talk and snuggle and get naked already!
Oh those knuckleheads have arrived haha
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