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for Fall of the White Lotus

2/25/2020 c37 Sak
Whoa whoa. Zuko how could you stop?!
2/25/2020 c36 Sak
Of course Zutara should have been legit!
And ow. My heart. You really made me feel the utter hurt and despair Katara felt when Zuko said he planned to marry Mai...
2/25/2020 c34 Sak
Miyuki cuteness. Zuko and Katara sparring or rather loving each other with their elements ;)
Nice chapter! Yay! Now Katara has to go to the fire nation and then Zuko will be like Oh yeah Hi Mai... Uh... Can you leave?
2/25/2020 c33 Sak
I feel tired for them too! Great chapter
2/25/2020 c32 Sak
2/25/2020 c31 Sak
When you wrote this chapter you had only 200 reviews a d now you're near 1000 but definitely deserve more. Great army chapter!
2/24/2020 c30 Sak
Yes! Wise up and accept it Aang!
Nice Spy aventure for our two sexy caprices
2/24/2020 c29 Sak
Omg it's Zuko acting?
2/24/2020 c28 Sak
Ooh no what will happen?
They just have to slap Katara and Zuko will shout"I'll sign it!"
2/24/2020 c27 Sak
Omg Taang is so right!
2/24/2020 c26 Sak
I need to stop but your chapters are enthralling and just short enough to think I can read one more...
2/24/2020 c25 Sak
Black clock is your OC? Definitely like him. And our fav couples kids
2/24/2020 c24 Sak
But all this cuddling and stroking... Omg
2/24/2020 c23 Sak
Loved the retelling of their sexy pirate episode
2/24/2020 c22 Sak
Cute. Omg. Brushing lips
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