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8/26 c19 ktyk
Incredible story. I enjoyed the ending and I feel it was perfect for what the story was :)

I know that you grew as a person along with this story and the original premise is not something realistic or healthy in the real world; but the fact is that this is fiction and you did a great job depicting the plot, characters and all of the development in between. I’m happy to have read this and I’m sad that it is over (in a bittersweet way) I hope that you are aware of something amazing that you created (over 200k words is no small feat! And you finished it!)

Author, I hope your life is pleasant and abundant with joy and love. I hope that whatever drives and inspires your passions now are unhindered and bring you joy like writing this story did for you at one point. So much love and well wishes to you x3
8/26 c18 ktyk
I was reading this chapter with baited breath! So beautiful :)
8/26 c17 ktyk
It’s so beautiful seeing your author’s note and you growing as an author and as a person :’) congratulations on your masters and home!
8/26 c15 ktyk
Congratulations on your nuptials! I hope all has been well and beautiful :)
8/25 c10 ktyk
In response to this chapters AN, you achieved it lol
8/25 c9 ktyk
Your comic relief bits are always the best and make me giggle lol

“chill Sasuke, you will be able to soon” I squealed with laughter lmao
8/25 c7 ktyk
You did a great job of mitigating the initial character we saw with Itachi. This chapter really brings all of his actions full circle and I have to applaud your brilliance in creating such a charade within the story. I love Itachi’s character and although he frustrated me I totally knew where he was coming from and why he had to do what he did

8/25 c6 ktyk
I loved the depiction of Sakura’s suna scene as a free woman
8/24 c4 ktyk
Itachi is walllllllin
8/24 c3 ktyk
Wow, Itachi was literally so dastardly evil. I was just as shocked as Sakura :o
8/24 c2 ktyk
"Think about how many medical bills she has saved us." Lmao
8/24 c1 ktyk
This is my first time reading this story but wow thank you for coming back and editing this 10 years after its publication. That speaks to your testament as a writer, super kudos!

I loved Naruto’s cheering, I had laughed lol. It was fun reading Sakura’s fight scene; usually I skip over fight scenes while reading but your depiction was very interesting and captivating (to me, at least)

Loved this chapters ending :) loved the whole chapter honestly but yessss Sakura turning heads as a medic ninja, love to see itttt!
5/20 c3 Curclark
I don't see Sakura allowing this farce to continue out of a sense of honor. It really is a hardly plausible excuse for Itachi, who is without any honor, to get his way. All she need do is tell the Hokage of the trick and threat Itachi used. If someone told me I was going to marry them regardless of my opinion there is no way I'd sit back and Sakura definitely has a worse temperament than me. I get all this is for a story but I like when things are at least plausible.
11/22/2022 c2 Must be a Slytherin
I see that you both had a beta and did revisions to this fic. I urge you to find someone else to go over it again. The story seems interesting but there are so many obvious spelling and grammar mistakes it makes it harder to read.
7/9/2022 c19 purplenurpletina
thank you for this amazing story x
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