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for The Rocky Horror Greaser Show

6/9/2012 c11 1NothingGoldCanStay17
xD well, you've combined my favourite book with my favourite musical. I think Pony's more of a Columbia, though, dunno why... This was amazing though xD and yeah, I kinda hate you for making me think of this when I see the greasers, but I still love you. :3 You didn't mention Curly stroking his leg when he sang, 'for the thriiiiiiiills' though x3 oh, and I love Frankie x)

All in all, this was very amusing. Yes, slightly disturbing, but hey! What's life without a little disturbance?

Oh, and I lost my 'virginity' at 13(; xD I was too young to go up and be a virgin sacrifice, but Magenta labeled my cheek with her lipstick.

As I say, "I lost my virginity that night and there was alotta screaming involved."

Pleasure or rape, you decide(;

Now I'm goin on and on...

Great story -
12/29/2010 c11 8magentalover
i love this story! lol i'm already been forcing my sister to read outsiders so now she has something to look forward to! great story i loved lol the occ made it esspeacially funny
12/27/2010 c4 magentalover
this chapter makes me want to go dance in a freezer. if only dreams like that could come true. :( lol
12/27/2010 c1 magentalover
I love it! lol ponyboy and Johnny as magenta and Columbia! :) lol I wonder if there'll be elbow sex ;)
10/16/2010 c11 6CCMoore
I don't know what else to say besides that that was just excellent and I couldn't stop laughing. Great Job.
5/29/2010 c1 Beyond-Birthday1313
I love you for making this. Really, I do XD

It's just so freakin' epic. And I could (sadly) see all of this happening XD I also like that you added in a tiny hint of JohnnyxDally 3 w
7/22/2009 c11 9banana-archive2018
lol this just made my day. Somehow, I pictured it all perfectly

I loved it! thanks! :D
7/6/2009 c11 Hootinan
this is so good! i think i will never be able to look at then=m the same(or will i?)! good job! *faves*
7/1/2009 c3 mrsmajortom
This is pretty much the most entertaining fanfiction I've ever read on this site.
12/5/2008 c11 Salmon 'Sam' Cade Jones
WOW PAISLEY! Look i got an account... any way i finally ead it and im scared... again. Why do you do this to me?
10/28/2008 c10 29Maddiecake
-snerk- Wry? XD

All I could hear when Johnny was singing was Little Nell singing but it was coming out of Johnny's mouth. Scary thoughts... wonderful, scary thoughts.

"I'm Going Home" is a wonderful song (but Steve singing it doesn't seem right, so you're right in that respect). I really hope that, even though this is almost over, you write some more amazing stuff 8D
10/25/2008 c8 20OneManShow
Aw man, this is pretty good. =D I am REALLY liking it. You should make it into a movie. xD;
10/25/2008 c8 29Maddiecake
XD I'm still amused at the idea of Soda dressed up as Riff-Raff.

So after reading through the chapters I missed:

Curly as Dr. Scott is completely and totally amazing

except ew on their eating Two-Bit (but hey, it's in the movie... still ew...)
10/19/2008 c6 18Alive At Last
"Oh, crap. My seat's wet."

That made me laugh so hard. And the ad-libs on the song were weird.
10/12/2008 c5 Alive At Last
Nice, and the random Franky voices are always funny to read(listen?).
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