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for The Rocky Horror Greaser Show

10/10/2008 c5 20OneManShow
10/9/2008 c4 OneManShow







I love it.
10/8/2008 c4 18Alive At Last
Two-Bit's reign as Meatloaf ended in a short, bloody mess. So let's see...

Steve - Frank 'N' Furter; Ponyboy and Sodapop - Magenta and Riff-Raff; Johnny - Colombia; Dallas and Sylvia - Brad and Janet; Darry - Rocky, and Two-Bit - Eddie.

Who'se going to be Dr. Frank Scott, may I wonder. Hmm...
10/8/2008 c4 29Maddiecake
“TWO-BIT!” Johnny shrieked ecstatically.

That was too easy to see in my head for it to be healthy, but I loved this chapter. JohnnyxTwo-Bit and... DarryxSteve... uh... woww. XD

School has a tendency to eat people, it seems.
10/5/2008 c3 Maddiecake
XD I'm a little lost to who Johnny is. So at the moment my thoughts are between Riff-Raff and Columbia. If it's Columbia... oh my god.

And Darry as Rocky is just WIN.
10/5/2008 c1 Maddiecake
XD M&M doing the Time Warp?

Although you might get flamed for writing this, I think it's pretty hilarious. Tell me, have you ever been to a showing of RHPS?
10/3/2008 c3 13whatcoloristhesky
hahaha. i totally dressed up to go to the rocky horror picture show tonight - just thought you should know i laughed at irony of finding a story about it when i got home. =P
10/2/2008 c1 CalCoffeeChick
Too funny! I've only seen Rocky Horror Picture Show once, but the next time I see it I will definately see the outsiders characters. Good Job! So funny!
10/2/2008 c3 18Alive At Last
Oh... my god. Darry as Rocky. Talk about weird. I'm totally with Dallas. But I'm still looking forward to seeing who Two-Bit is.
10/1/2008 c2 Alive At Last
I began playing the songs as I read, and I couldn't stop laughing. It was great when Steve stepped out as Frank N' Furter.

Now all I'm thinking is... who's Darry? And Two-Bit? Uh-oh, antici... (pause) ...pation.
10/1/2008 c1 No longer apart of fandom
your mad...I LOVE IT!
9/30/2008 c2 7JohnnyCadesChick
Wow...this is hysterical! I have never seen the Rocky Horror...thing you're talking about but i burst out laughing at all the bold outbursts..."Take mine!" "Slut!" lol it's funny :D
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