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8/20/2020 c15 Singer Sira
Another great story with family feels. I loved Keiko. Zuko makes a great big brother. I kinda wish there had been more Ursa, but I like what you did with bringing in the airbenders. My guess is that the letter was from Azula. I guess I'll just have to go read the rest of your stories and find out.
11/5/2009 c15 9Kelana-ti
I really like From Solo to Trio, and this story. They may be AU, but they feel like the show. I read this story in one day after school, and stayed up late doing so. :D It's been fun reading them.
2/11/2009 c15 3AvatarAiris
haha! i absolutely love the ending of this fic!

an awesome finish to an awesome story! ;D

i'm really intrigued with the fact that you brought

airbenders back into the picture :) seriously, there

had better be a sequel to this one too ;P haha, also

you just have to congradulate Toph on finally

becoming Keiko's earthbending teacher :P (and that

joke with Yangchen was truly too good to pass, very

nice touch XD) but i find it really interesting that

you gave Keiko to Toph instead of Zuko, for some reason

it just seems to fit well, even if it would have been

sweet seeing Zuko trying to teach his new little

sister to firebend ^^ oh well, anywho, once again

i adored this fic even more so than the first :P

haha, and i will definitely check out your new fic ;)

hahaha, see ya in the next fic ^^
1/25/2009 c15 15klainelynch
Wonderful way to end the story, absolutely fantastic! All the loose ends were tied up so well, and I think this chapter has some of my favorite lines from the series:

"Too – many – girls!” Zuko choked out like every word hurt him.

“Everybody knows that Aang is a girl trapped in a boy’s body.”

“all the manly men here can come join Zuko and me in a hunting expedition right now. Hear that, Zuko? You get to kill something! Wanna kill something?”

I loved reading this story, and I'm so glad there's another one coming, your plots are always so interesting and your writing fits perfectly. Kudos!
1/25/2009 c14 klainelynch
Oh you definitely had me going with that waterbender thing, hook, line, and sinker ;)

Toph v. Ty Lee was hilarious and so IC for both of them.
1/25/2009 c13 klainelynch
FANTASTIC Maiko chemistry, I can really see this happening in the show. Mai's story is almost a fanfic within itself.
1/25/2009 c12 klainelynch
Very nice tension with Katara and Ty Lee, you really kept them in character. And Toph's love of meat is so Sokka-esq, I love it :)
1/25/2009 c11 klainelynch
Great chapter, I loved it! Any instance where Zuko gets to show how much Iroh means to him is a WONDERFUL chapter in my book :) And I love the drama at the end, Katara v. Ty Lee is always fun to watch.
1/24/2009 c15 22Liooness
i caught up and love it. great job and yay for everyone! love zuko wanting ti kill something
1/22/2009 c15 mT
Awesome! Another great end to another great story. :D
1/21/2009 c15 19CaelumBlue
Um...I found this a while back before I got an account here, and never really reviewed...sorry 'bout that. D8 Knowing me, though, I'll probably reread the whole thing at some point and review every single chapter along the way. XD

I love your AU series. It's really awesome. You've got the characterizations down pat and things make sense and YAY URSA and Keiko's adorable and she's named after a turtle-duck and Zuko-Oh, Zuko. Poor Zuzu. Between his mother, his baby sister, the girl who wouldn't mind killing him, the snarky blind girl, his moody girlfriend, and his moody girlfriend's hyper pink-clad circus freak friend... Poor boy's had quite an adventure.

I'm not gonna lie-the main reason I decided to review this last chapter RIGHT NOW as opposed to waiting until I review all the others first is because of the Sokka/Zuko bonding moment there. Because Sokka is all about being secure in your manliness, and Zuko's in desperate need of being reassured in that respect, and "You get to kill something! Wanna kill something?" is now one of my most favoritest fan-made Sokka lines ever, and he thinks Aang is a girl in a boy's body and then he takes all the "manly men" on a hunting expedition-which means he thinks Haru and The Duke are manly men, which is adorable in The Duke's case and I never knew what to think about Haru after watching Avatar Abridged, so yeah. XD And then Aang's all cute trying to prove his own manliness and YAY MORE AIRBENDERS!

So, sorry about the long review and all the babbling and not reviewing every single chapter thus far, but hopefully I'll get around to it in the near future. ^_^ Looking forward to whatever this new story is!
1/21/2009 c15 31FireChildSlytherin5
Its over? Sequel now! LOL!

I really hope Ursa new husband isn't dead. You know as a letter from the Kingdom, but then again it was white seal, so the Order of the White Lotus? :)

Update the sequel soon!
1/21/2009 c15 19MoonClaimed
I absolutely loved poor, poor Zuko's experience with Too. Much. ESTROGEN. in confined spaces! XD

Keep it up!
1/10/2009 c14 4OmniSchreiber
Brutal cliffhanger. I liked how Yangchen messed with them but seriously... well you said it. That cliffhanger is just pure evil. Got me foaming like Foaming Mouth Guy here.
1/9/2009 c14 19MoonClaimed
Another great chapter.

Hm...I really want Zuko to be her teacher, but I kind of feel like it would be a cop-out. I think you should have her stay with both elements and excuse the abnormality with her Avatar Bloodline (TM), or something like exposure to elevated levels of spirit energy in the swamp, or how much she has practiced both with Zuko and Toph. Or some mixture of the above. Or actually make her a waterbender. Well, I suppose I'll find out next chapter. Don't leave me waiting long!
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