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3/7/2022 c9 Guest
Quel age ont les garçons ?
11/5/2020 c22 Shandablonde
I wish Edward could experience things from Bella’s side. I love your use of rose to portray that... but then I’m like this jerk totally needs to experience bring on the other foot.
11/5/2020 c11 Shandablonde
10/2/2020 c12 bethabetha
sigh... and again edward takes something that is important to bella, pouts about it, and gets his way. as much as i find the plots interesting, i just can’t keep reading about their unbalanced, unhealthy relationship.
10/2/2020 c8 bethabetha
bella trying to prove she’s not weak made me laugh. if i had to describe her in one word it would probably be weak. from IEWIS to now, i feel like she pretty much let’s edward walk all over her. when he’s not there or not paying enough attention to her she’s a big, mopey mess... it’s like bella completely disappears into his shadow when he is there. their relationship is unhealthy, borderline co-dependant, and just so frustrating. i feel like she and edward have the capacity to be so much more, but instead are stuck in a 13-year-old’s idea of a “perfect romantic relationship.”
5/27/2019 c28 OldieButAGoodie
I think I liked this whole story as much as the original IEWIS. Thank you for writing! Readers - Read the original first! 3 OBAG
7/10/2018 c24 petmom1213
I have really come to dislike this Edward. He is totally selfish. Work a year and then go back to music? He needs to grow up and maybe go to school, or even play music at places in LA. He wants his dream more than he want Bella. He wants her to just always be there but only when he can't do what he wants. He only thinks he lives her. Even Garrett came back when Kate needed him but not Edward. Selfish baby!
7/10/2018 c22 petmom1213
He is extremely selfish. Since they are all in LA again why can't they play where they played before? I would be so hurt at him choosing a tour over me.
4/26/2018 c22 1lynette.clay
Hi there, I love, love, LOVE your work. I can't remember if you had a separate page to highlight locations from IEWIS. If You Do, Please share with me.
7/15/2017 c13 Guest
OMG LOL! This is you:

Few minutes later.

We were on the bed.

Folding laundry.

And I BURST OUT laughing when I saw that! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! *wipes tears from eyes*
7/15/2017 c13 Guest
Alice and Jasper's Marriage in a Month Plan AMJMMP

6/29/2017 c29 Jadeeeee
I love this story! Thank you!
6/9/2017 c27 2storiesrmyjam
one of the BEST FREAKIN STORIES IVE READ IN MY LIFE ive been hooked for about a month now and ehat can i say his story is just too perfect it makes me yearn for a life like that and i love it , its not clichè and i love evry aspect of it the ideas are pure and amazing and every thing from the humor the happiness and the never ending romance this was a true and amazing story!
4/22/2017 c28 twirob
thank you so much for sharing this amazing sequel on here with us ;D
10/17/2016 c23 Guest
Edward following his dream
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