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6/5/2010 c28 27Eclipse-Vamp
Aw, Alice and Bella are pregnant! I'm more emotional now...stupid endings. This was absolutely the most awesome story I've ever read. It has effected my life so much. I snicker at the words Pretzel, Little, and Felicia (it's hard to restrain my laughter at volleyball practice because there's a girl named Felicia on my team!), I listen to Jimmy Eat World all the time, laugh at random moments that remind me of IEWIS, never think of fondue the same, crack your mom jokes all the time, and just appreciate life more...even though reality still sucks. Absolutely amazing story! You're truly a very talented author to change my life just with a story.

~Eclipse-Vamp :)
6/5/2010 c27 Eclipse-Vamp
I am emotional now! I always love and hate happy endings because their just so happy! I cry with any emotional ending, so I guess I just hate endings. Especially endings to amazing stories like yours. Onto the epilogue...

~Eclipse-Vamp :)
6/4/2010 c1 AlwaysBeanArtsy
Your Emmett is the BEST! I am reading the stories for the second time because he makes me laugh out loud...even when reading in public. Starbucks customers are going to start wondering about the weird laughing girl at the back table.
6/4/2010 c29 missysaaa.crystal
6/2/2010 c7 3little.miss.edward
I LOVE EmPOV! He is hilarious! I love how he always talks to himself and when he kept forgetting he ate all the chips already! LOL Awesome chapter! ;)

5/30/2010 c26 27Eclipse-Vamp
Loved the Cullen brother bonding!

~Eclipse-Vamp :)
5/30/2010 c25 Eclipse-Vamp
Yay! They're finally friends again! Thank God! And poor Rosalie!

~Eclipse-Vamp :)
5/30/2010 c24 Eclipse-Vamp
They seriously need to drop their egos and just apologize! And how things were going wrong was sad, too. Great job!

~Eclipse-Vamp :)
5/29/2010 c23 Eclipse-Vamp
That was a bad fight. I hope they all just screw their heads back on straight and realize that they are fighting over nothing and should just forgive and forget! But, I must go to bed before I find out what happens. Grr!

~Eclipse-Vamp :)
5/29/2010 c22 Eclipse-Vamp
Another great chapter and quite an emotion turner. I was absolutely stunned by Rosalie and Bella/Edward's fight. Great job!

~Eclipse-Vamp :)
5/29/2010 c21 Eclipse-Vamp
Best wedding ever. Wish I could've read it sooner, but, alas, vacations.

~Eclipse-Vamp :)
5/27/2010 c21 crissy47
Great chapter! It cracked me up! Hilarious! And I love the end...I knew he wouldnt leave her again!
5/24/2010 c5 jbirchard
I am glad you have no " lemons " sometimes stories get really raunchy
5/24/2010 c3 jbirchard
Love it as usual
5/23/2010 c20 Eclipse-Vamp
Loved it! Especially Jasper and the balloon, haha!

~Eclipse-Vamp :)
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