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10/1/2008 c1 Alice-Chick1994
HIT.HIT.HIT! so a HIT! i love how he uses felicia! lmao! that was hilarous! cant wait for next chap!
10/1/2008 c1 7butterflyanne
awesome already
10/1/2008 c1 Anonymoooooooose

oh my, i love it already!

I missed your story!

(well sequel, whatever!)


you are fantastic!
10/1/2008 c1 1twenty1nyounger

i love it!

felicia? i cant believe he used that name. i told my sister and i keep wanting her to read it but she refuses so i tell her anyway and she laughs real hard but she still wont read it and i get frustrated but thats ok cuz i no she secretly likes it. hehe


emmett is still funny as ever and the mash potato thing, i mean come! man those cullens. rofl

u havent lost ure touch! cant wait for more more more!
10/1/2008 c1 1bluemystique

loved it ... as always


10/1/2008 c1 EdwardLuver117
YAy! I've beenw waiting and waiting! The characters have changed a little, but change is good. ya know?

10/1/2008 c1 3RockstarLife
very funny chapter! :D awesome job! :D please upfate soon! :D
10/1/2008 c1 1Bronzehairedfreak1901
hahahahah emmett is so adorable! hahahaha...wait how old are you turning? 22? you'll be the same age as rob! hahahahahaa...oh god.. i just realized...the video you saw me in i look terrible! oh god i dont normally look like that!shit! ill send you a pretty pick ok? tehehehe...great chapter!
10/1/2008 c1 Twiglightfan
This is great - I'm still grinning and cannot wait for more.
10/1/2008 c1 xxMel1SsAxx
HIT HIT HIT baby! xD Geez. This is so weird... M... haha.

"How can you say that?" I asked just as forcefully, turning back to Edward. "I am most certainly not doing better! It still sounds like I'm trying to torture anyone who wasn't blessed enough to be deaf every time I try to play!"

*Poor Esme. :(

"That's really lame, Edward. You can play the whole song perfectly while making a sandwich and teaching a monkey to play football, and I can't even get through one stupid line."

*Wow. xD I'm prettier than a monkey! xD

"Well of course there have been nude times! How can you live life without the nude times?" When none of us answered he sighed and put down the now empty chip bowl. "I may have pissed her off a little too much by eating her food once in a while. And breaking her favorite cup. And stealing her clothes, and hiding her bras, and sleeping naked in her bed."

*Classic Emmet. xD Wowza. No wonder why Vicky was pissed. xD

It was ridiculous. Mike is a good foot shorter than Emmett, and he was dressed in a nice suite and tie with his hair slicked back, a look I have never seen on him before, obviously. The suite look isn't really in at shows. Right next to him was Emmett, in a short black skirt with a white button up dress shirt that was unbuttoned enough to show his... cleavage? Yes. Emmett was definitely sporting cleavage in this picture. A black scarf was tied around his neck and he wore huge black heels. A dark red flowing wig was on his head, and his make up was done rather well.

* OMC! xD Can you draw it for me? xD

"You used the name Felicia?" I said, falling into Edward for more support.


A fabulous first chapter. ^^ I can't wait to read more. Happy tomorrow birthday! xD
10/1/2008 c1 Dawn Ariser
I love this writing just as much as your first. Keep going with it.

10/1/2008 c1 2littleSinsandSadlines
HIT!HIT!HIT! haha i have yet to get my hoodie cuz my ma wants me to wait foe christmas but i cant wait! WHOOP! hahaha and i really really really really really want to get a jimmy eat world hoodie haha you totally turned me on the them and now i am in love! haha
10/1/2008 c1 10amgglekim
HAppy Birthday!

So an awesome start to a great sequel. How do I know it will be great you say? DUH! Its the sequel to IEWIS! I can't believe you of all people didn't know that! :D LOL.

I'm apparently very random today, but it could do with the fact that its only 6:15 on a Wednesday and I have already worked 52 hours for the week, got a new apartment, signed the lease and started moving. Its hectic.

So, I seriously loved the moment with Bella as she's reviewing her memories, and thinking of all the things that make her happy... and I can just imagine the look of joy on Edward's face when he was watching her...

Uncle Ben's potatoes? No thanks. I'll stick with Hungry Jack or Betty Crocker thank you very much. Potatoes from the guy who is famous for rice just doesn't work for me... LOL!


10/1/2008 c1 sdgnwrthwethn



I want some Alice... why is Jasper there and not her? prob said it but I forget!

10/1/2008 c1 7creampuffsteph
oh you have no idea how excited i was to see more more more sitting in my inbox, just begging to be read. i clapped and let out a little shout for joy. plus i was at work, so i got some odd looks. heehee

sorry it took me awhile to actually read through the whole thing and review. as previously stated, i was t work,then i was busy with my update, plus cleaning bc i have fam coming to visit. so it is, better late than never.

i laughed so hard during the whole instant mashed potatoe fiasco. i totally make instant mashed potatoes all the time bc it's just easier to make for dinner than real mashed potatoes (tho not nearly as good. sigh, i love me some good mashed potatoes)

i like the idea of bella giving edward her journal. it's very sweet and sentimental. and tho i'm not the biggest coffee fan, i do love starbucks during christmas. yummy. i'm licking my lips at the thought.

dying swans red? crazy!

can you please make "piano pimpstress" a button? that would just be perfect!

and im glad it was victoria kicking out emmett, or i'd be truly sad :(

felicia returns! yes! i love the idea of emmett dressing up asa woman. i wish i could see that. maybe we can convince them to include a cross dressing emmett in one of the twilight movies. haha

i always nap naked. hahaha excellent.

seriously there was just too much goodness in this very lng chapter to comment on. because my review is getting too long (which is a normal occurence with your story).

fabulous job. and i can't wait for more. seirously, i can't. so hurry!

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