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6/5/2013 c8 2chevrolet18
So I ve been reading this story and the one before nonstop for the past week and I luvv it so much! Ur an amazing writer and I love how you write evryones characters and especially this scene just made me squeal sooo much:):)
5/24/2013 c7 Cullen
Loved Emmett's POV. It's exactly how I pictured him to think (:
5/19/2013 c23 prettylilhatemachine
I've been reading this too quickly to stop and review but I had to pause after this one. I can't go on without letting out how much of a nasty bitch I think Rose is in this chapter.
I get that her life as she's always known it is falling apart but even after clueing them in to what has been going on she still can't admit that it was selfish and wrong to lash out at Bella, NO she just gets back up at her podium and spews more crap.
I mean I know Bella hasn't been the most mature by cutting off all contact but she's aware of that at least. Rose is just a self righteous bitch right now.
And the nerve to call Bella a lost cause and self righteous: I DON'T F'KIN THINK SO, BITCH.
On another note: go Alice!
4/23/2013 c28 NanLikesEmmie-Bear
I know this is late in any person's frame, but this is MY journey through beloved IEWIS Land with Founder and President Car :).

First of all, I have no idea what I was getting myself into. Literally and thankfully. A few weeks back I had gotten myself the FanFiction app on the Playstore so I was desperate to add SOMETHING to my library. So I took the most reviewed stories and of course, got yours.

And now, as a teen in South Africa - thank you for paying a visit btw - you give me hope of the beautiful things life can bring into lives. You make me strive to be a better person who wants to reach for her dreams, and of course savour the crazy-ass times I spend with the friends I sometimes wonder how they deal with me and my too-imaginitive head and still love me for it.

IEWIS Land makes me want to reach for my dreams of travelling and seeing the world, do what I love best - writing - and ultimately look back at my life and the end of the day because I know I've lived. I still have a long way to go, but your story have given me hope, though nothing can be perfect, hope is always there.

Thank you for givingf us the Maroon Hoodie Army and the love that comes with it. I'll never forget this story. Thank you.

Love and Maroon Zip Ups
Nan :) x
4/23/2013 c23 Nikki1219
I think this is most I have disliked an Edward and Bella EVER! She is being an immature brat and he is being selfish and avoiding everything! Uggghhh I am so annoyed with them!
4/23/2013 c22 Nikki1219
GRRRR I agree with Rose...LoL
4/18/2013 c27 Vampfan1
Its kind of a weird name for a band but it wouldn't be the first time a band had a bizzare name. I think from this story there is only one true name that fits. drum roll please..." Bathroom Whiskey ".
4/14/2013 c12 Vampfan1
I am liking the story very much so far. I must say there was one thing in this chapter though that I wasn't to pleased to see. I think Bella should have held her ground about the wedding bands. Those are sacred and shouldn't be worn once they have been purchased and sized until they are man and wife. Call me traditional but those are symbols of that union and I feel that it trivializes the wedding and marriage itself by letting them wear them even if its in private. I also think it seemed very out of character for your Edward to even suggest it much less plead because he is so old fashioned about certain things pertaining to marriage. He will wait to consumate their union until they are married but wants to wear the symbol of that consumated union. That just seems wrong for them. Other than that I am very pleased with the story and enjoying it immensely.
4/5/2013 c4 Vampfan1
Ok so here is my wish or prediction or whatever of how I think the story should or will go. I revolves around something Edward said in the first story. Alice is now studying Fashion whose center in the US is New York. Bella is persuing Writing which there are tons of publishing houses in NY. Rose is a spokes model for a company and she could obviously base herself out of New York. The boys are not quite so ambitious with their careers and they can't do their band apart from each other, but could easily get a following playing clubs in NY. Maybe even get seriously discoverd. I see the six of them somehow making their way together to NY. Remember when Edward told Bella they should live there someday in the first story? That has been lingering in the back of my mind ever since he said it. Well I think they will all end up there together. Its the only place with their different careers that makes sense. Well thats what I think. Lets read on and see if it matches at all with what you do with the story. Again, thanks sooo muck for writing a sequel. I, like you, just wasn't ready to say goodbye to these 6.
3/22/2013 c15 lonelymidnights
I'm going to save my review on how MMM and IEWIS changed my life for a review on IEWIS, because it honestly brought me and my friends closer together. But anyway. I hate to sound like I'm complaining, but after rereading this chapter, where was Bella and Edward's wedding? Do you plan on writing an outtake of that? It seems you haven't been on fanfiction for a couple of years now, but I'm rereading MMM and it just came to mind.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this story- thank you for writing it!
3/13/2013 c28 5Naomi M
Loved it
3/3/2013 c27 6SiennaTheDark.Knight
just one thing... i can't criticize, i can't say mistakes but i can say...OMG totally amazing, good luck as a future writer if you want to be that is, good luck again : )
3/3/2013 c13 SiennaTheDark.Knight
love it just as much as the first one! you are great!
2/10/2013 c28 blank
iluvedthisstorysoooomuch! ushouldwriteasequeltothesequ eltellingabouttheirliveswhen theirkidisateenandthey'restilldeeplyinloveand - gasp - howthey'restillconnectedanddrivethei rkidtopracticeandballetandal lthat...

- write on :P
2/10/2013 c24 blank
*getting flaming pitchforks ready...*
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