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for Primal Instinct

4/28/2020 c7 Guest
A decade has passed and I still come to this fic every year
11/9/2018 c7 BotanJaganshi
More! It’s so good!
4/25/2018 c7 Guest
Oh just when I found another well written HieixBotan fic and it hasn’t updated since 2009. The struggle. I really hope you can continue and finish this story because it’s a good story, well written, the characters are all in character and of course it’s damn hard to find good HieixBotan fic here and this is a really good fic. I can’t wait to find out what’s Botan gonna do with this new situation and how Hiei would react to what happened when his primal instinct took over. Does he remember everything? Or not? What of Yukina to take all of this in and if she’s ever gonna find out who her brother is. And all the rekai tantei reactions. Seriously, so much potential. Please continue writing this fic. I will wait for you however long it takes for you to update as long as I get the read this story till the end. Also I hope and wish you all the best in health and your life.
11/12/2014 c7 5SheWolfMedjai
Please continue!
11/13/2013 c7 15SilverGhostKitsune
love it!
10/28/2013 c7 2black2butterfly
Pleaseeee continue the story! Loved that botanxhiei couple :D
11/15/2012 c7 KimiruMai
OMG Hiei remembers her! LOLs his demon instincts making him act XD He must have been hot for her for a long time :3
7/16/2012 c7 11diggydawg
Omg! I know you haven't updated in years but I loved this! I really want you to continue! I loved this so much, he was clearly protecting her... :D
4/26/2012 c7 middlekertz
But... this... isn't soon. It's been almost two and a half years.

Where are you?
2/25/2012 c7 Guest
Please update! I have been waiting for so long!
10/16/2011 c7 2K-Bird Lily 2
please keep writing this story. please
12/17/2010 c7 4sailorangelmoon1
I love this story I hope you update soon!
9/28/2010 c7 14MinakoTrickster
Oh please, please update this! I really wanna see if Hiei has more 'primal instincts'. Keep it up.
9/5/2010 c7 Green Tea fan
Oh wow. That's incredible. I really really like the story so far. With Kurama kind of taking the role of leader with what happens to Hiei, Hiei liking Boton in his primal state, and Hiei in his primal state is just awesome. Great story.
6/14/2010 c7 jo
ooooooooo beast hiei is not gonna like his woman being taken away from him-and another thing, is koenma really that much of an idiot-i know hes slow but coooome ooooon-anyway, awesome story, one of the best hiei and botans ive read so far-cant wait for the next chapter, ;D!
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