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6/3/2012 c16 9DaddysLiitleGirl
yeah! Zafina is my hero! waha.. fave fighter :))))) FTW!
5/8/2009 c17 15spongecake 2
Hey ho. I've not got a lot of time to review, though I really like this chapter. Haunting, clever and weird as fuck... and in a horror, that's a pretty good quality. Though, the turning's a bit... odd. The Bible? I know demons and stuff, but... I'm not getting that. No offense. Anyway, though, still a very good chapter regardless. Thumbs up to you.
5/3/2009 c17 57SeungSeiRan
And I've fallen for your writing all over again. I am awed... so awed that I read it and reread it and now I'm in a state where I can't seperate myself from the characters. I wonder how you could hate this?
5/3/2009 c17 66miilky


This was a chilling chapter indeed. Its like JunxKazuya all over again except...I don't know more captivating and disturbing. I was hoping it wasn't going to lead to this, and I really didn't want it to happen but it did happen. My eyes were wide the whole time. All I wish for you to do is to not delete this story, please no!

"I'm sorry..."

I didn't realize that I'd spoken aloud until Gracie's eyes snapped open and she gazed at me, a series of emotions floating through them. Silence fell over us like heavy, drowning snow. Everything had ceased. All I could hear was my own erratic heartbeat. That's when I noticed the wetness traveling down my cheeks.

I was crying.

I was crying.

"Gracie?" My voice was uneven and weak.

She jerked as if I'd physically slapped her.

I winced. "Gracie..."

That's the scene where I felt empty and heartbroken at the same time! You are great, thank you! Yeah, thanks for the title, "Siberian Snow". I'm a Julia girl, I love her personality and I feel it would interesting to hook Jin up with a girl like her. Like you said Jin is a difficult character to match with someone officially. That is the number one reasons why Ling can never be with him; it wouldn't work out. Really, wow. This is a piece of art. Update whenever you can, or get yourself going.
5/2/2009 c17 121Razer Athane
Oh snap? Jin's not one of the stars?

Tatina Rostov? Interesting name.

"You are not God's!" They snapped cruelly; then, their tenor softened as my lips made a trail down her neck to her collar bone. "You are ours... all ours..." - Chilling line.

I was crying.

I was crying.

"Gracie?" My voice was uneven and weak.

She jerked as if I'd physically slapped her.

I winced. "Gracie..." - You almost had me in tears here.

They cackled. We are nowhere near destroying you yet, boy. - Wonderful closing line.

This whole chapter was fucking HAUNTING, you know! D:

Just PM me if you need any help with it, once you understand how it works its pretty basic. Just make sure your computer can handle it.
4/14/2009 c17 spongecake2
OK, then. No probs.
3/9/2009 c16 Razer Athane
'The hands found me again and drug me up to my feet with a rough jerk.' - Not 'drug', 'dragged'.

'He stepped up to me and tilted my chin until I faced him. He leaned down and licked my tears away.' - I really, really, really liked this line. It's just so... I don't know. I really like it.

'We need to get away, but I Kazama will never let us go."' - 'I Kazama'? Take out the 'I' D:

ZAFINA! -pumps fist in the air-

-has cutesy image of Jin humming a lullaby to Gracie- :3 :3 :3

The key is Jasmine? -wild guess-

Very good update, mate. About time we saw the softer side to Jin as well. That Jin is win -heart-

And also, missingthepoint, that Bryan x Xiaoyu fic, btw, is called "Siberian Snow" and it is by SS-Romanticus. :P
3/9/2009 c16 66miilky
Yay update! It was a bit confusing, but I'm picking up pieces. I'll reread to get a better understanding, but the suspense is a good thing, makes it alluring.

I don't prefer Jin/Xiao either, I'm more of a Jin/Julia girl. There should be more love towards that shipping. I read a Bryan/Xiao fic somewhere, I forgot what it was called, it was good though! I'm the same too, get a nice piece of work and I'm gone into dreamland. I think Xiao is ditzer than Jackie and less spoil, maybe its a tie.

Anyways, this was a great chapter!
3/9/2009 c16 15spongecake 2
Hey ho. This update is FECKING BRILLIANT! A bit confusing, but, still, FECKING BRILLIANT! and I'm sure it'll all make sense later. Thumbs up to you.

P.S. Being a prison guard sounds awesome. No, seriously, it does. You don't have to do anything except to shout out people and make sure they don't get out. Sounds easy and well paid.
2/25/2009 c15 121Razer Athane
Good update as a whole, though I couldn't find anything to put here that made me go "AWESOME" because it was ALL awesome :)

lol ah well, up to you lol. That would've been awesome indeed. And Poser isn't just an "ordinary" program, you need to have a high-performing computer to be able to operate it properly. I have a high-performing computer and it STILL doesn't operate wholly, so yeah. lol.
2/25/2009 c15 15spongecake 2
(Twiddling fingers evilly) Yes, how delightfully evil...

Hey ho. Once again, work has buried me like a sleeping walrus, but now I have to time to review this... evil! Oh, ho ho! Angellic Hellraiser, nobody rights pure malice like you do. Brilliant, as always. Thumbs up to you.
2/25/2009 c15 66miilky
You're very welcome! I love your story, its great! The way it is positioned, so close to the original story and such I can tell you worked really, really hard on it. It makes me all giggly inside reading Jin's or Devil Jin's dirty thoughts...dirty, dirty. I love writing, but its hard (for me) to think up a good Tekken fic with an Oc. You do it, great now I can't think of a good adjective.

I go with Razer Athane, it would have been cool if Zafina was her half-sister or relative of the sort. I like Zafina, even though her moves are kinda creepy.

Also, Gracie is a treat. You've done great!
2/19/2009 c14 miilky
Wow! This story is great! I can't find many JinxOc fics, or fics with ocs in it period, that makes sense with the actual storyline! I've got to say I'm highly impressed and glad I found it! Sorry if I didn't review on the first chapter and as I went on, but just know you have my full support!

I understand your feelings with Xiao; I'm torn between love and hate with her. She's too nice for me...:P Great job!
2/18/2009 c14 121Razer Athane
Kazama chuckled. “I won’t bite… unless you want me to.” The tail end of the declaration was almost a mental whisper.

I growled. “You go on ahead, you pompous son of a bitch, and I’ll rip out your tongue.” - WI-I-I-I-I-I-N. Man I love the way you write Jin, he's so... sexily evil.

This was a wonderful chapter, and I was reading I suddenly had a strange idea due to this migraine. By chance, would Gracie's mother be Zafina? Or if the mother's already been mentioned, her REAL name is Zafina? Cuz you keep mentioning gate keeper and all I can think of is Azazel and Zafina, because Zafina's like... protecting the tomb where Azazel lies, etc. lololol.

XDXDXDXDXDXDXD I made you hate Xiao more with "Decoy"? rofl. I didn't mean to do that XD I just wanted to show others that sometimes someone so 'sweet' isn't all s/he's cracked up to be, lol. :P Thanks for promoting the story in yours, ROFL. Jokes. But okay. -shrug- You hate her more, cool. XD

Yes I made that icon ;) Mind you I was very sloppy on it and only used the presets given to me in the program so Razer actually wasn't that difficult to make. I need to learn how to make my own hair and clothing first. Or alternatively, for the program to stop fuckin lagging D:

Enough my bitching, great update!
2/9/2009 c13 57SeungSeiRan
Update! Yayy! \ (^o^) /

'Christie Monteiro and I had become fast friends since the fourth tournament. Near the end of the fifth, before I’d completely succumbed to this hell' - Aww, thanks!

lol, Lars' deflated manhood, what a mental image XDXDXDXD.

Last part was epic win too :D

Keep at it, girl ;)
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