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for I Don't Hate You

8/2/2010 c1 mochicocoa
Awwww! This is so freaking cute! -heart-

Both characters are really IC and I laughed at the part with the clothes and the maid. XD

This is too adorable. :3
3/22/2009 c1 5Cypherphoenix
I think it's great! And I love the way it was written. I'm glad it was reposted, or I might have never found it! Keep it up.
1/5/2009 c1 8GaaraHinataWake
So awesome, I had read this story before but had to read it again, it was just that good you really captured the character's. I love the way Sherry was fighting for Brago's cloths, he should have learned that women alway's get their way. Hehehe.
10/19/2008 c1 12twilight guardian
Very cute. Me likes a lot. You portrayed Sherry and Brago very well.

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