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for The Secret Life of Kelly Jones

5/14/2011 c12 1A Step Too Far
I love it! But I can't see chapter 11 :( 12 is fine but not 11. You should write more Celia femslash, she's easily the best character.
1/8/2010 c12 15Valvox
**dies laughing**

This was great, full of angsty romance and a lil' dash of humour to lighten the load. Perfect combination.

Awesome spelling and grammar - one of the best St. Trinian's FF's I've read.

Write some more Kelly/Annabelle please!

ily xx
1/1/2010 c12 36SplinterWingz5x5
i enjoyed every chapter of this
3/20/2009 c1 9In a Minute There is Time
3/1/2009 c12 52MaxximumRide666
Hehe yay! I loved it! You are brilliant and you make the characters your own! Please keep writing, i can't wait to read more by you =]
3/1/2009 c11 MaxximumRide666
Yay! No hitting will be happening today then =] You write the girls so well, i'm very jealous! I love the idea of Celia and Anoushka! They would be great together! =]
3/1/2009 c10 MaxximumRide666
What! No you can't do that! That's just mean! ...I'm happy for the two girls, but don't you dare kill of Celia! Evil person! ...next chapter decides if i do hit you or not XD
3/1/2009 c9 MaxximumRide666
Aw yay! They are so cute! Thank you thank you thank you XD
3/1/2009 c8 MaxximumRide666
Loved the song, felt so bad for Celia though =[ You wrote it beautifully! Annabelle better not be stupid *glare* lol on to the next chapter =]
3/1/2009 c7 MaxximumRide666
Aw no! No i like Celia! I feel so bad for her! Why do you do it, dammit! Lol no, i love the story! Have to keep reading =]
3/1/2009 c6 MaxximumRide666
Who's she gonna call? ...ok i totally wanted to say 'Ghostbusters!' then...scary! But no lol i love Kelly she's brilliant and you portray her so well! =]
3/1/2009 c5 MaxximumRide666
Ohh she's not gonna admit it is she? We all know Kelly's a hard-ass but it's so obvious that she does love Annabelle! You write amazingly! =]
3/1/2009 c4 MaxximumRide666
Hehe =] i love it! 'That's how you do it.' LOL! Love that line! Kelly and Annabelle are cute together! Thanks for writing this! Glad it's a long story =]
3/1/2009 c3 MaxximumRide666
Aw poor Kelly, poor Celia...it's so SAD! ='[ lol

Angst is good when you can write it well, and you write is brilliantly! On to the next chapter =]
3/1/2009 c2 MaxximumRide666
Aw poor Celia =[ but i did think there was summat between Kelly and Annabelle all along lol i can't wait to read more =]
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