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1/2/2013 c24 Adriana
Will this ever be updated?! :)
6/24/2011 c24 lilkathra
love to know how it ends
1/16/2011 c24 2Wepluvzyou
so i just had time to catch up and oh em gee! UPDATE SOON PLZZZZZ OR I WILL DIE! :) love it btw
8/1/2010 c24 Chanii3220
So I was just wonndering if there was a reason that you stopped updating..?

This Story Is.. WOW

It was really good ... so..

Whenever/ If you ever update again..(I Hope SO)

I will be waiting(Praying)that you do..

I will finish this story
9/29/2009 c24 62of self
sighs in relief.

I am so glad it's okay with Derek and Casey cause I probably couldnt have handled it if Derek went off the deep end. Lovely chapter.

But what is this, Salter-Kress?

I'm now hyperventilating for the both of them because I feel the Papa is on a mission.

-is chewing nails and waiting for the next update-
9/27/2009 c24 itsi3
Oh NO!

9/26/2009 c24 3PeanutButterOreoCookieGirl
ah! damnit! you have to update...thats just so...evily clever :D I adore this story and bah who's casey to tell us we think its unromantic XD love it
9/26/2009 c16 PeanutButterOreoCookieGirl
well alright..that call about secret reader got me you know? lol at any rate I honestly didn't think I'd be all that interested in an adult dasey but you've spun my head right around it, i'm sure i must have been in tears for the both of them over a dozen times already and jeeze i'll review later on in the chapters instead of each and every one but I should tell you callum sounds adorable and Casey's love for him is just perfect. As for Derek's issues lol...right in character I think :)
9/24/2009 c24 22Frogster
What a fabulous birthday present-an update from you! :D

As for food being a "foolish distraction" for Derek, I'm not so sure. Derek does love his food-but he may love Casey more.

And it really doesn't matter that it was an "unromantic" first date-it was so them, spontaneous and Casey worrying and Derek shrugging everything off. And that's perfect. Besides, I hope a lot more romantic stuff is coming. ;)

And the ending-I have a feeling it's Papa Salt. Where is Sally with a pie when you need her?

You better update soon! :D
9/24/2009 c24 8AngelOfDeath07
O crap! I bet Salter-Kress just joined them!

And everything was going so welloDerek didnt have a go at Casey for what she did which I'm glad about cause if he was mad then dear Case wouldnt be able to handle it

Update soon please as I cant see how they are going to get out of this one :)

9/24/2009 c24 7kathiekay
WHOA ... this story just gets better and better!
9/24/2009 c24 20mayfair22
I truly think this was a perfect perfect date...but the end...please don't tell me salter is there...That really could be the only thing...please please update soon...And m so thankfuk that Derek didn't freak out...m a bit surprised though because I was sure he would but none the less...Love it!
9/23/2009 c23 7awesometastic9
AH! that's IT? GR.
9/13/2009 c13 7S.H. Briggs
I just read "It Gets Worse", and

a. I greatly appreciate the complexity of your story's plot.


b. If Callum's eleven and his playmate is a year older, than she hasn't been a little girl for a few years.

I just...hope that's useful to you and not offensive, because constructive criticism is my only aim.
8/31/2009 c23 62of self
Yay! You updated! Yay! I am extrmeley happy cause I'd keep reading you other lovely stories and wonder when this would get updated. But yay! Hope you had a lovely time in India. :)

Anyways, reading about Derek and Casey finally just being together warms the cockles of my heart and fills me with delight. Besides, when you wirte about Casey and just how much she loves him, I'm melting into a puddle of goo.

Surprisingly enough, I feel bad for Thea, despite all my earlier aversion of her. How the parents sometimes make or break us. Most of the times they make us but here it's sad the amount of control Thea has of her life-practically none. I wonder how Casey's story is gonna go over with Derek. Sigh. But I'm looking forward to the date because despite all the nonsense that has been happening, they need one evening of romance and so do we!

Once again, glad to have you back and writing. :)
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