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9/4/2018 c1 VPMMu
Veri n1c3U0Gst0riLD
9/3/2009 c1 601238
This IS epic..lol..also, David/Christopher ftw

Ah.. How I loved Everworld.. like 6 years ago. sigh. must read it again b/c what the hell? It'll take me a week, I swear. :)
5/21/2009 c1 36LittleLinor



... sorry about the spazzing.

But Christopher is just too hilarious.
2/8/2009 c1 72Azalee
You keep reminding me how much I adore Chris' ranting. Especially when you're the one writing him.

Actually, I adore everyone in this, they're just so much crack love. *insert heart here*
12/29/2008 c1 17mehrunnisa
Oh, this is great =] Just what I needed, I've been going through a withdrawal from lack of Everworld. Haha, Christopher's having a mid-life crisis and David's all: Everworld's Egyptian kingdom is shaped like Nova Scotia. Nice work ^_^

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