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6/27/2023 c1 Leena Rezzag

I honestly adored this story, despite Severus's death (which I didn't like...poor Severus), but the storyline matches with Severus's older memories that he was ashamed of, the characters' personalities and backstories are accurate, and the details are wholesome. I feel immense pity towards Severus, and I totally agree with you, he was suicidal and he never deserved abusing from his father, nor the bullying from the Marauders, not humiliation and embarrassment from all the students, not to mention some hatred from Slytherins for being friends with a 'mudblood'. He deserved a much better and happier life, not one full of anger, hatred, jealousy, despair, hopelessness and sadness. He needed and wanted more care and love. And the fact that you made all of this apparent in your fanfiction is amazing!

Anyway, thank you for this sadly fantastic fanfiction and the time and effort you took to write this pitiful, painful masterpiece.
5/7/2023 c9 deathlyHealer
Was the place they went to called Kiddies Kingdom? I was born in England, but we only stayed til I was about four, so I have very vague memories of some things, and one of them is Kiddies Kingdom, and the way you described the place they went to is very similar to my memories of it. Lovely fic, by the way, I am thoroughly enjoying it!
10/11/2021 c16 Guest
So will Sev get reaged or Lily and someone else would get married and raise Sev along with their own children (bad idea)?
3/22/2021 c16 Cookiecrumble17
I've literally been reading this over and over again pleaaase write more it's so good
3/12/2021 c11 laura232
It is quite interesting to get a portrayal of victim and bullies.
Incidents that Dumbledore turned a blind eye to ,or even encouraged such as child endangerment and abuse by Marauders , are in no way excuse for bullies to continue with their torment.
I believe most people have some common sense and that not everyone would support entitled sadistic behavior and humiliation of a fellow student.
Bullies revel in power over weak,lone individuals.
If someone told me in high school that it is okay to humiliate and torment a student just "because he exists" or is not worthy of living ,of friendships , l would never ever agree to it.
The problem was mostly in the bullies themselves. I understand it is easier to "blame everything on the system " but l don't think it should apply to bullying or abuse.
Thank you for your work, it was quite enlightening. I shall look more into psychology of the school bullies, l can't really put myself in their shoes, so l will try to learn more about them.
2/5/2021 c16 Guest
Hi, I know that you've probably abandoned this, but please update! I'll give you a virtual cookie!
12/22/2020 c16 21Yanli Sanren
Please continue this story! And as Sevvy grows up, his hair should grow longer as well.
12/11/2020 c4 Guest
12/11/2020 c3 Guest
12/11/2020 c2 Guest
12/11/2020 c1 Guest
10/28/2020 c16 Anonymous
Please update, maybe a chapter about Sev and Dumbledore together?
7/31/2020 c16 Norv
touchante histoire, merci
7/18/2020 c16 SlinkyHarryPotter
Is this complete?
7/12/2020 c16 5RoseJustice
Maybe have a bit of a time skip and have both Sirius and James come across Lily and Sev. It’d probably go very badly indeed, but you have to start somewhere. I know this story is likely to not ever be finished, but still. I just found it and I thought I’d comment.
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