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for A Drop of Poison

4/17/2021 c34 EclipsedLunus
Cool story, hoping for more! It's really neat how the Canon is being morphed around your Naruto
4/4/2021 c34 7Chisaki Kouu
been bringe reading this for days now, and this has to have been the most fun I've had reading a long ass Naruto fanfiction such as this one. Written beautifully, with spelling mistakes very infrequent, and as of yet, not a single spotted plot hole, with engaging fight scenes and emotional reactions. I fucking love how unique you make all the clones despite them still feeling like the same person.
4/2/2021 c9 Chisaki Kouu
If I found that joke, I'd make you name the next OC "xXBladeEdge"
4/2/2021 c34 sammy1230
Thanks for writing this, it’s really fun to read
4/2/2021 c34 Ranmayamabushi
Great story, looking forward to seeing more, thanks for sharing
4/2/2021 c34 2Jaylen13
I found, I binged, I loved. I hope to see more updates.
3/31/2021 c32 Toebang
Great update, bad review.

Thanks for writing,
3/29/2021 c34 Snickerdoodle97
I love coming back to this fanfic xoxo
3/29/2021 c34 MCini
This story is one of the best I have read in the naruto fanfiction. Keep it up!
3/28/2021 c34 Fantastico
Me imagino que no soy el único que está esperando sin mucha paciencia el siguiente capítulo de esta
3/26/2021 c34 cristghe
When’s the next update, I can’t handle the suspense!
3/24/2021 c34 Ashen Ogre
Hope you are doing well. I see this story hasn't been updated in over a year now but please continue if you have time. You are a great writer and this plot is very interesting
3/23/2021 c34 6LemonNinjaa
this fic is so incredibly amazing, I stayed up sooooo late so many nights because I didn't want to stop reading :(

I'm so invested in what happens with everyone omg there's so much going on and it must be so much work to plan out everything, it's so impressive.

3/22/2021 c34 5Planar-Walking-Entertainment
Damn. This was packed! Great job here. Hope to see more
3/14/2021 c34 Lilywhite
Please keep on writing your an amazing writer. Your execution feels legit and I binged this series all the way. Don’t give up this is a lovable series that has so much creativity. Corona has put a stand still on most of life and reading this I felt years of dedication. Thank you for reading I truly appreciate and adore your work.
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