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for A Drop of Poison

9/3 c2 1Diametrik
Suicide techniques actually seem very useful for Naruto if his clones use them.
9/3 c34 5LadyLament
Finally reread this after a few years, still amazing as ever. Can't wait for the rest whenever they may come.
9/2 c34 3Writing dreams into stories
ugh Someone tell me how Ebisu reacts when he found out PLEASE
8/31 c1 miracleplayyyzsims
I need ebisu reaction to the story or naruto’s prank like I’m living only for the reaction. I come back to this story at least 2x a year just because of how well written it is. the plot is top tier ! also i cant wait for the merchant council to fall and narutos merchant company to rise , also ichurakus have to be let into the scoop at some point and i was low-key think sauske to but i cant give a valid reason for that last one.
8/30 c34 6SeiferBoy
OMG, I think this is the best Naruto story I've read on this site, and I know I've read hundreds by now! I wish I knew of other stories that uses this clones in a similar way!
8/21 c34 ep
la suite?
7/21 c34 Guest
. I just finished reading over this again. It is one of my all time favorites. Every time I reach the end I go “wait there isn’t more?” Lol. Thanks for sharing and I hope lack of updates does not indicate difficult times.
7/12 c8 Deviluke Zicor
Why did you use the name Ichiro twice? Ariko’s dad’s name is supposed to be Ichiro and now we have another clone with the same name. If both clones stay important to the story it’ll get confusing.
6/29 c34 Guest
6/22 c34 Guciec
This is pretty decent story that will never be finished. Probably because it is so well made that finishing it with the same high quality will take a couple of hundred thousand words. It is sad really.
6/20 c34 TheKursed
6/15 c34 DragonBob
Great story with a great idea. Hope your life improves and you find new stories you want to write.
6/6 c34 Videocrazy
Just found and binged this in 24 hours. This is really good, and I appreciate the clever application of many things as well as the fact Naruto is far from invincible. I’m a little confused on just how much long-standing clones like Ariko and Muremaru are diverging, becoming more their own people. It feels like it at points, but then you have scenes like this last one where their reactions seem identical.

Also, I hope life is treating you better. Whether or not you come back to this, I hope you’re doing well.
6/5 c34 Hyperman15
This is a top tier fanfic if I’ve ever seen one. Definitely one of the best non crossover Naruto fics I’ve read until now. I’m so very glad I stumbled upon this
6/3 c34 Guest
really enjoyable fic. I know it's 3 years abandoned but I hope you come back to it. I'm fascinated by this story and you left it on a real point of tension ahaha. thanks for writing, stay healthy
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