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for A Drop of Poison

5/6 c34 wildarms13
loved the series, hope you manage to come back author-san
4/26 c34 1K11RO1-S3NKO
any update on whether You're gonna post more chapters, seraviel?
4/24 c34 2Mark the Mark
I miss you
4/20 c16 Soul-Seeker-1406
you know this hinata training arc in most NaruHina is what ruins most of these fanfics, coz they just suddenly make Naruto completely trusting of Hinata and hinata not fainting near him and then Naruto is like "oh you're the one who loves me, so I'll just love you back for no fucking reason", the romance and character development is just as bad (sometimes even worse) then what we got in canon.
4/20 c34 1WOLF-GOST
ok well wait for the update see you soon bro
4/19 c34 1dudedorey
I’ve been following the story since the first couple chapters, and I probably re-read it once a year. Definitely one of the more fun Naruto fanfics. Hope this continues. Thanks for the story.
4/17 c34 MacDoc-101
Please continue was a great afternoonevening read
4/12 c34 Rightword
I greatly enjoy your story. I've returned years later and reread it and am pleasantly surprised to find that there is more of it.
As a failed writer (I'll give it another shot, eventually;), I understand that writing is HARD. Writing something that inevitably is flawed, imperfect, and just less than I wanted it to be is even harder. I just want to say that this is good. Is it perfect? Well, I doubt it on principle, but I haven't seen anything that bothers me in my reading. So, just remember that even though you, as the creator, undoubtedly see every flaw, most of your readers are just enjoying it. I hope to see more of this and I hope that what I've posted here is nothing but motivating. Thank you for all you've written and if you do have to pause, if life is in the way, know that it's good as it is. This is a highly enjoyable story. Thank you.
4/12 c34 ManticoreBlues
love the fanfic, hope you decide to continue
4/9 c1 7Write Your Wrongs
Story was well written but it seemed like the whole thing centered around the ‘prank’ and the clones were made into actual OCs. Great story, just not for me.
4/9 c2 Write Your Wrongs
I would have abandoned Konoha for not passing me if I was Naruto. Pretty obvious that Naruto had too much chakra and not enough fine control to create a normal clone. Hmm… that’s actually a good story idea. I might actually write on it.
4/9 c6 Username6166
I'm shocked at how many fanon components that make no sense whatsoever have been implemented into this fic, especially since those are ones that have all been completely established by 2008 when this fic first came out. Almost made me think that this was a satirical sh*tpost fic.
4/1 c17 2Sage4600
Hinata doesn't have enough chakra for Kage Bunshin.
3/31 c15 Sage4600
... Great story, loving it, BUT PLEASE NO PAIRING
3/26 c34 Guest
Plz continue plz
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